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San Francisco Will Pay $300 'Cash for Criminals' Not To Use Guns: Opinion

Lashaun Turner

JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade is Lashaun's views and opinions on various trending topics.
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I literally thought when I was scrolling my newsfeed earlier today and saw this headline “San Francisco To Pay 'Cash for Criminals' to keep them from shooting people", I literally thought this was some sort of click bait, an advertisement, a trick.

And then I looked at the source and other sources and thought, oh yeah, it's San Francisco, here we go again!

Among wealthier, developed countries, the USA is an outlier when it comes to firearm violence. US governments have allowed gun violence to become a human rights crisis. Wide access to firearms and loose regulations lead to more than 39,000 men, women and children being killed with guns each year in the USA.-Amnesty International.
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I guess the theory now in California among some individuals is that money is not at the root of all evil- but the solution to curing all evil doers, in this case gun-toting criminals.

It is apparently the answer to criminal and destructive behaviors because as I recently posted a month or so ago, a bill was introduced by Senator Scott Wiener that proposed a similar type compensation plan – to give money to Methamphetamine users to stop using Meth.(I digress)

We are gonna give an allowance to bad actors as incentive to behave. Get it? Okay.

This study trial is going to be conducted with 10 individuals who will receive $300 a month plus some other monetary perks. $300 a month if they don’t shoot anyone or are involved with any crime that involves a gun.
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It’s my understanding that they may receive an additional $200 a month if they do, you know, the normal things like normal, average, human being citizens are supposed to do- like work or go to school or you know just be a productive member of society.

What I would really like to know is where can I get in on some of this 'come up' as we call it in the streets. Criminals have REALLY come up in this state.

With the decriminalization of crimes, early release, no/cashless bail, and those in our government who actually want to close jails, and let everybody out early for their perpetual 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chances, it’s a criminal haven.

And like the lyrics to that one rap song - a "Gangsters Paradise" dang near.
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It was mentioned that these criminals would be given money in the form of gift cards etc. and that also their spending habits would be tracked! What is that about? What is really going on?

It’s so crazy in California right now- GOD only knows when the average law-abiding, working, American citizen will prevail in this state. I’ve been here all my life born and raised. It has certainly changed for the worse.

Gun violence is particularly prevalent in the Americas where easy access to firearms, weak regulation or poor implementation of laws designed to combat firearms violence prevail.-Amnesty International

I wonder what would happen if we would just actually enforce laws and the Death Penalty?

San Francisco, and the whole region with its 'thought leaders" and "humanitarians" are becoming dregs on the society of what used to be a wonderful state.

Criminals belong in jail and murderers on death row awaiting actual consequences.

This has solely been my JADED OPINION. You are welcome to yours in the comments. Do you support paying criminals to not shoot? Like, Share and FOLLOW me!

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