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The Filthiest Del Taco Bathroom I’ve Ever Seen: 4380 N Nellis Blvd- Las Vegas

Lashaun Turner

Would a dirty restaurant bathroom deter you from eating at an establishment?
Inside Del Taco Bathroom---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

The late Anthony Bourdain wrote in Kitchen Confidential, “If the restaurant can’t be bothered to replace the puck in the urinal or keep the toilets and floors clean, then just imagine what their refrigeration and workspaces look like.”

I think many of us can understand the difficulty of keeping a pristine bathroom when the public is running in and out. However, what I observed at this Del Taco, the pure filth, rust, stains, and obvious disrepair indicates a deeper issue in the building.
Outside Del Taco on Nellis in Las Vegas---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

During a recent visit to Las Vegas, I popped into Del Taco to grab some food to eat on the drive back home to California.

I walked in and placed my order and then asked to be buzzed in to use their restroom while the order was being prepared.

I was completely shocked when I opened the door to the restroom. The pictures, I do believe speak for themselves.
Inside Del Taco Bathroom---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

I grabbed a napkin out of my purse as not to touch anything and went to the sink to try to inspect what the green stuff was in it. There was an object that looked like a worm at first glance laying on strands of hair in the sink.
Inside Del Taco Bathroom---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

The faucets were very loose. You could feel them wiggling when you attempted to turn the lever. There was a mixture of calcium deposit, rust, and mold (I think) along the base.
Inside Del Taco Bathroom---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

The soap dispenser on the wall, when you hit it- the little bit of foam that came out went everywhere, up down and all around. It didn’t seem to be working correctly.

And riddle me this? If the soap comes out as white foam, then what is all the green stuff in the one sink basin?

The bathroom stalls were completely unfit. The door to the one stall didn’t close at all. The commodes in both stalls were despicable, as you can see.
Inside Del Taco Bathroom---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Most likely months of caked in dirt on the tile and grout on the floor. And heaven only knows what the cut in half plastic gallon water container, and the white powder stuff was doing next to the unflushed toilet.
Unflushed commode---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

I don’t know what all the stains were on the floors & walls, but it also looked like they may be having some damage occurring like you would see in slow continual plumbing leaks.

Oh, and it smelled NASTY too!

Although patrons are to blame for some of the surface nastiness, the restaurant appears not to prioritize the maintenance and upkeep of it.

You really have to wonder how their food prep areas are cleaned and maintained, and how anything else in that building not visible to the public eye, how nasty filthy it might be.

According to a survey by Zogby International, more than 80 percent of consumers would avoid a restaurant with a dirty restroom — not just avoid the restroom but avoid the restaurant altogether.

Would you eat in a Restaurant that has a bathroom like this? Leave a comment below!

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