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Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas: The Good, Bad, Unacceptable, & Plain NASTY

Lashaun Turner
Photo of Tuscany Suites and Casino Las Vegas---:Courtesy Tuscany Suites and Casino Facebook Page---:

For us here in Southern California, Sin City aka Las Vegas, is just a few hours drive away and a frequent destination when we want a quick getaway.

I recently stayed in Las Vegas at Tuscany Suites & Casino and this article will cover some pro’s and con’s about the accommodations and my overall experience.
Photo of signage entering Tuscany Suites and Casino Hotel--:Lashaun Turner---:

The Hotel

Tuscany Suites & Casino offers 716- all suite rooms that are among some of the largest standard size rooms in the city. The hotel is located approximately 1 mile off the strip at 255 E Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89169

Checking in
Tuscany Hotel Lobby Check In---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Was horribly long. The line of people was long and there were only 2 agents at the desk. The hotel has a pre check-in process you can do over the phone to provide your ID and Credit card, but you still must stand in line to finish. In total it took about 30 minutes. Unacceptable.


My room was in building K, which is towards the rear of the property. The standard suite, which is what I had, is a spacious 650sq feet large and comfortable. All rooms come with free WiFi, a dining area, kitchenette, and refrigerators.
Photo inside standard suite---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

The king-sized bed was comfortable. The sofa and chair were also comfy. The décor throughout is modest and simple, clean.
Photo of King Bed standard room---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

The bathroom featured a large vanity sink area, separate walk-in shower, and a bathtub. The bathtub, I doubt gets much use except for small children, it is just entirely too low for most adults to get into.
Photo of bathroom---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

The shower worked great, nice pressure and steady hot water flow. All the bathroom essentials were provided.
Photo in bathroom standard suite--:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:


The facility has a separate casino entrance from the hotel check in, and in fact, the rooms are separate from the casino altogether. It kind of looks like an apartment complex with a casino in front of it.
Photo of a building at Tuscany---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Amenities onsite include 2 outdoor swimming pools, 2 spa tubs, and a fitness center. There are a couple of additional outdoor areas for lounging etc.
Photo of swimming pool area @ Tuscany---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:
Photo outside of Fitness Center @ Tuscany---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

I personally would not feel comfortable walking alone at night from building K at the back of the property, up to the Casino and restaurants.

The lighting between the buildings and the walking paths could be better. I don’t recall seeing security driving around patrolling but I may just have missed them.
Photo at Tuscany Suites---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Once you do walk up to the front where the Casino is, you will find a gift shop, spa, convention/banquet space and several dining choices.


It’s small but an okay size for the property. It’s open 24/7 to the public and features slots and video poker, electronic table games, and sports booking.
Photo of inside Casino @ Tuscany---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

The only time I gambled was during the time I was waiting for my food, and I didn’t win anything. I also didn’t see anyone around me winning anything. The casino seemed relaxed & low key.


There are 4 places for food. Tuscany Gardens offers fine dining, Italian food. PUB 365 serves craft beers and a menu of traditional pub fare. Caffé Bottega has artisanal food and drinks.

And, Marilyn’s Café, which is where I ate twice, serves all-day, and late-night breakfast menu and other homestyle dishes, soups and salads.
Photo of Tuscany Gardens Restaurant---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:


Tuscany Suites and Casino does offer live entertainment. Their main headline show is " The Rat Pack" that has Frank, Sammy, and Dean performers doing classics hits, and other shows featuring a rotating list of other artist performers.
Photo of the Rat Pack show performers---:Courtesy of Tuscany Casino Facebook Page--:

The Experience

After an incredibly long wait at check-in, the first order of business was to get food. That’s when I realized there was no room service. No Problem.

Get in the car and drive back around up to the Casino to Marilyn’s. The dining room was about to close it was 8:45pm, but they offered take out. So, I placed my order, paid for it.
Photo of Marilyn's at Tuscany---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

I asked what number am I, and the lady said no number, just keep checking back. And there in lies a BIG problem! If you can imagine a bunch of people placing orders with no order system- it was chaotic, frustrating, and ridiculous.

One elderly lady was very displeased. Said she had been waiting for over 45 minutes for Steak and Eggs. She had to walk up several times and was still waiting.

Every time they had an order ready- they didn’t know who the order was for. So, picture the orders stacking up and them having to go through each order till they find yours because there is absolutely no organization to it.

That added to the wait time. I fortunately had ordered a pizza, so when I looked around and saw a pizza box on the counter, I knew it was a good chance it was mine lol. So, I only made two trips in total asking for my food.

The pizza was very good. However, the next day when I went back to have breakfast- I don’t exactly know how you can ruin bacon, eggs, hash browns and pancakes but it was NASTY.
Photos of pancakes @Marilyns---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Everything tasted like it had somehow been marinated in cooking grease/lard, because that is the only flavor coming off any of it. It tasted like bad butter on everything. The hash browns were soggy on the inside. Despite the nice pics the breakfast was not good!
Photo of breakfast @ Marilyns---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

I also had a garden salad with chicken breast later and that was okay. So I guess it's hit or miss on the food. The only positive I can give is it was fairly inexpensive.

Bottom Line

With everything said and done, I think Tuscany Suites and Casino is a good place to stay. The rooms are exceptional for the price. There are a couple of inconveniences such distance from the room to the food, but easy to overcome.

You can request a microwave in the kitchenette and maybe do some meals that way. If you're really lazy, you can of course uber-eats or something like that.

For families, the room is a good choice space & dollars wise, but there isn’t anything specifically for kids that I am aware of on the property outside of swimming.

If you’re looking for a value stay especially over the weekend when prices are typically much higher everywhere, Tuscany Suites and Casino may be a good option.

Of course, being one mile off the strip you’re not in the center of all the action but having a casino and other amenities on-site you are still getting the Las Vegas experience.

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