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Newsom Praises Biden & Welcomes Afghan Refugees to California-Opinion

Lashaun Turner

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"I’m proud of the fact that California has taken in more refugees than any other state," said Governor Gavin Newsom

The Governor announced that he would welcome any and all Afghan refugees, immigrants etc., into HOMELESS USA,- I mean of course California.

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Some of us Californians are starting to wonder why is it that he encourages so many to come here where in a lot of cases these people end up on the streets, homeless, as taxpayer burdens.

Not that many of us aren’t sympathetic, however, we as Californians have suffered long enough without our own needs being met with our tax dollars. We have been without-so that others could. But we are stretched too thin now.

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Newsom would have us giving our pensions to refugees and immigrants if he could. I don’t know, he may have already done that in some back door kind of way. Maybe the millions/billions for health insurance for non-citizens, that probably counts somewhere in there.

Newsom’s head is so far up in the clouds (for lack of a better location) that he doesn’t even hear Californians anymore. Its his wishes, his way, and our tax dollars, PERIODT!. Always wanting to say California is the first at this or that, I mentioned this before- he seems to be a clout chaser.

Gavin Newsom 'incredibly proud' of Biden amid Afghanistan debacle, doubles down on campaigning with him- Fox News

He is the only Governor I’ve heard as of yet to boot lick – I mean, praise Joe Biden for his disastrous and unorganized pullout of American troops and Americans, in Afghanistan. Newsom, Aunt Nancy & Biden, the clique, are as tight as a noose on a dying man's neck.

The streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco in some places looks war-torn, lost and forgotten with the walking dead extras and drug zombies strewn everywhere.

I believe we will need a new City in the desert called HOMELESS, to place all the unhoused and homeless that are already here. We certainly have the population for it.

This has solely been my JADED Opinion. You are welcome to yours in the comments below! Are you ready for refugees?

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