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Elite Nutrition in Murrieta Offers Personalized Nutrition, Fitness Training, and Meals

Lashaun Turner
Entrance to Elite Nutrition Murrieta California---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Tucked away in Mesa Plaza, Elite Nutrition offers a uniquely comprehensive approach to nutrition and fitness.

The business provides its members with a one stop solution to access learning, physical training and customized meals with supplements in one convenient location.
Inside Elite Nutrition---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Business owners, Coach Marsh and Lady Marsh, both Certified Nutritionists and Fitness Trainers, opened their establishment 8 months ago after having worked in the industry since roughly 2011.
Coach Marsh and Lady Marsh Owners of Elite Nutrition--:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

In this interview with the Marsh’s, they talk about the journey opening Elite Nutrition along with the business model, and how their personal nutrition and fitness successes drove them to want to enhance others. (Click to Listen)

Elite Nutrition is mostly membership driven, yet the public can also walk in and enjoy the selection of Shakes, Brews, Coffee, Hot Meals, and amazing Protein Pies!
Sample Menu of Items @ Elite Nutrition---:Courtesy of Elite Nutrition Website with permission

The space is very charming. Elite club members can come in and meet with either Coach Marsh or Lady Marsh to sit down for evaluation, follow-up, meal planning and other support.
Inside Elite Nutrition---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Elite Nutrition partners with other Black Owned Businesses including ‘Get Fresh Prep’- to bring nutritious farm to table, pre-planned meals to it’s members.
Meals available at Elite Nutrition in Murrieta---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

Elite Nutrition prides themselves on serving fresh, convenient, affordable meals to walk in customers and members alike. They feature a new menu every week, seasonal specials, and specialty pies.
Assortment of protein packed nutritious pies and fresh fruit---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:

There is a large work out space in the building where members receive one on one personalized fitness instruction. There are also daily group outdoor fitness activities available.
Fitness Training Area---:Photo by Lashaun Turner---:
Enhancing The Spirit, Soul & Body Through Healthy Community, Daily Movement & Elite Nutrition

Elite Nutrition is open Monday- Friday 12PM - 7PM and is Located at 29992 Hunter Rd Ste. 103, Murrieta, CA 92563.

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