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Read this before you eat at IHOP off Perris Blvd in Moreno Valley

Lashaun Turner
Photos inside IHOP Perris Blvd/Iris in Moreno Valley-Lashaun Turner-

I hungrily visited the IHOP located at 16080 Perris Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92551 with a couple of family members today. The long-standing restaurant chain known for serving a variety of pancakes and other breakfast fare was my lunchtime destination- because pancakes sounded so good. Unfortunately, this IHOP is having some issues that I think everyone needs to know about before visiting there.

From the moment we walked in, I was perplexed that the place was empty. Everything is open in California, why is this previously bustling IHOP empty I thought to myself? Then, the HEAT hit us- it was IHOT! On a triple-digit record breaking weather day, we walk into IHOP and were told the air conditioning is not working.

The waitress told us we could seat ourselves anywhere as the place was empty. We thought for a split second that we would try to sit and order but just by the few steps to the table it was apparent this was not going to happen.

We sat down briefly while someone in our party had to use the restroom. As we were waiting, I looked around and saw the floor was full of trash, and I saw tables that had half eaten food and the dirty dishes remained.

Right away I thought to take my phone out and start taking pics. When the waitress knew, I was trying to photograph the trash on the floor, she came with a broom set and started sweeping. I asked her- excuse me- how long has your AC been off? She looked up and said practically since she had started working there, several MONTHS ago! She stated we keep complaining to Corporate and they have never done anything about it.

I asked her if she knew how I could make a complaint and she said try Yelp. As I am looking at her, I can see she is flushed she is so hot and sweaty – she is wearing a mask and I know it must have been miserable for her. My concern, however, was also – what might be happening with the cooks & their sweat as they prepare food? And how are certain foods being kept at any correct temperature as hot as it was in there?

I told her she was appreciated and that I would advocate on her behalf, and be sure to let Corporate know the deplorable environment their employees are working in. We are in the middle of some of the hottest temperatures on record in Southern California and this restaurant does not have air conditioning, (for months allegedly) - scandalous! I will say, they also obviously need help. The big sign on the door says Hiring for ALL positions.

By the way recent Yelp reviews I saw ranged from "hair found in food" and other service failures. This IHOP was so beautiful when it first opened. I can't imagine what has happened to it.

You might want to think twice about going to IHOT, I mean IHOP off Perris Blvd/Iris in Moreno Valley.

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