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Why Some Californians Are Talking Tax Revolt

Lashaun Turner
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News of California Democrats plans to pay 1.3 billion to enroll more undocumented persons in Medicaid while millions of Californians remain uninsured or underinsured, is not being received well in some pockets around the state.

The recently approved state budget guarantees that low-income illegal immigrants older than age 50 will receive health insurance. California is the first state to have given benefits to undocumented persons. Since 2016, California has allowed children under 18 to receive taxpayer-backed health care despite immigration status.

California currently covers about 200,000 unauthorized immigrant children and young adults, according to the state Department of Health Care Services. The state budgeted about $375 million to cover young adults ages 19 through 25 this fiscal year, but does not track spending for undocumented immigrant children.

California Democrats plan for all undocumented to be covered eventually and Governor Gavin Newsom has publicly said he supports that.

In this video Newsom said his plans to give universal healthcare with Californians tax dollars to non-citizens will save the taxpayers money by paying on the front-end instead of the backend..

“Individuals who are illegally in California now will receive benefits equal to a citizen of California. All they had to do is just simply be here, and whether they were of legal status or not makes no difference. I would argue that is at the expense of Californians who are legally here and have been here their whole life. Sen. Jim Nielsen

Chatter in online groups is increasing and the sentiment that many taxpayers are not happy with the current budget and plans to subsidize undocumented with their tax dollars is growing. California, we know is majority Democrat but even some of the lifelong Democrats I spoke to say the state Government is overextending their tax dollars in ways that do not improve citizens quality of life.

One person quipped that he was fighting for Disability after working 32 years and that he does not qualify for ACA and is racking up medical bills because of chronic pain so bad that he sometimes wants to end it. He says it is just not fair that non-citizens are being taken care of ahead of people like him.

Another said, non-citizens get universal health care, yet I get nothing and live on $926 a month. I worked my whole life and paid taxes, and this is the thanks I get from the government.

Many complain that everything from food, gas, to healthcare is too expensive in California and wonder who is fighting for citizens’ rights. This is where most start to verbalize things like “what can we do", or maybe we should stop paying taxes if that is what Newsom is going to do with our dollars.

California has some of the highest taxes in the Country according to

State Sales Tax: Highest in the Nation 7.25%
Gasoline Tax: Highest in the Nation 51.1 cents per gallon on July 1, 2021.
Personal Income Tax: Highest in the Nation -California’s personal income tax has the highest top rate 13.3%
Corporate Income Tax: California has the highest corporate tax rate in the Western U.S. at 8.84 percent.
Property Tax: High, Even Under Proposition 13-California’s high property values lead to high property taxes, even under Proposition 13, the 1978 voter-approved initiative that limits property taxes.

JADED:This is one of those areas I think the people should vote on and not just Legislators and Lobbyists deciding the fate of billions of California citizens tax dollars. The people of the state should have a voice and a vote.

This has been my Jaded opiion and you are welcome to yours! Do you agree with Newsoms plan or do you feel you are being taxed without representation? Leave comments below.

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