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The survey checked what bakery items people make the most. Cookies topped at 89%, cakes at 79%, and cupcakes at 73%. Muffins/scones hit 68%, cinnamon rolls at 65%, and bread at 57%. Cakes are the big sellers in bakeries, making up 24% of sales. Cookies follow at 12%, then bread/rolls at 11%, cupcakes at 8%, and sandwiches/wraps and yeast-raised donuts/beverages tied at 5%.

New stuff success depends on the bakery type. Cakes are the winners for regular retail bakeries, followed by bread and cookies. Moreover, it includes slices, small celebration cakes, cake pops, seasonal cakes, and special cake fillings.

New bread things are half loaves and locally milled flour. New cookies are now featuring macarons. Specialty bakeries do well with gluten-free and vegan options, and in 2016, cakes and cookies were the top new items.

Wholesale bakeries shine with new bread stuff (like kale rolls, Nutella brioche, savory types, and spelled), and then cakes (seasonal, Bundt rings, and apple cake). Limited-edition bakery items get popular as retail bakeries use marketing and social media to make trendy moves.

Which Bakery Items Make You More Money

People in the study said cookies are the top bakery item, hitting 89%. Cakes come next at 79%, cupcakes at 73%, and muffins/scones at 68%. Cakes, cookies, and bread make the most money for many bakeries.

For new stuff, success varies. Full-line retail bakeries make good money with specialty celebration cakes. Smaller bakeries do well with gluten-free and vegan options. Wholesale bakeries succeed with new bread types like kale rolls.

What Sells Best At A Bake Sale?

1. Cakes

Most home-based bakeries find cakes to be the moneymakers, with a profit margin ranging from 20% to 40% for each cake sold. Popular choices include carrot cake, banana cake, cheesecake, cream cake, strawberry cake, red velvet cake, unicorn cake, and chocolate cake. Furthermore, you will have to spend some money on the packaging of cakes. This way, you can attract potential buyers to your business. However, if you will cake boxes at wholesale rate then you can save your money too on packaging.

2. Cookies

Another highly profitable item in home-based bakeries is cookies. Their small size and low production costs mean a substantial profit margin, ranging from 25% to 30% for each cookie sold. Popular cookie varieties include chocolate chip, gingerbread, sugar, oatmeal, raisin, shortbread, and peanut butter cookies.

3. Bread Rolls

In-home bakeries, bread is often a top seller. Selling bread can give you a profit of 4% to 9%. Popular choices include white bread, multigrain sourdough, brown bread, whole-grain bread, and brioche.

4. Cupcakes

The hottest and most money-making items in home-based bakeries are cupcakes and muffins. Cupcake profits depend on your sales: 5% is not great, 25% to 30% is average, and 20% is best for business. Top-selling flavors include red velvet, vanilla, cream, chocolate chip, and chocolate cupcakes or muffins.

5. Sandwiches/ Wraps

Another easy thing to sell from home is sandwiches and wraps. They're tasty and full of nutrients for your day. If you sell sandwiches then you can make a profit from 0% to 5%. However, if you pay attention then you can easily make from 5% to 15%.

6. Yeast-raised Donuts

These types of donuts are made with the help of yeast. Moreover, these donuts are soft and would melt in your mouth. Selling them can make you a profit of 20% to 30% for each donut. Furthermore, you can prepare yeast donuts in the comfort of your home and sell them too.

7. Beverages

Running a bakery with beverages is always a good and unique idea. You can offer coffee and other drinks to your customers. Moreover, the profit margin on beverages is also very high around 10% to 20%. In addition, you can also provide different flavors of coffee like black coffee, expresso, iced latte, and cappuccino, etc.

8. Bread and Savory Pastries

If you're considering a niche-based bakery business, go for bread and savory pastries. They're affordable and a favorite among everyone. Fresh bread, especially, is in high demand. People appreciate quality bread with different flavors. Selling bread brings in good profits, thanks to the lower cost of ingredients when bought in bulk. It's a tasty and lucrative choice for your bakery!

9. Bake Wedding Cakes

These cakes are best to sell during the wedding season. Moreover, these cakes can make the moment for many people at their special events. Therefore, we suggest you create beautiful and tasty wedding cakes. In addition, you can also earn a high income by selling them.

Can You Make A Living Selling Cakes?

If your bakery specializes in custom work, like cakes for big events, you could earn around $1,000 per month. Even if you take on a few custom orders weekly, you can still make an average of about $300 a month.

Starting a business, especially your first one comes with a learning curve. Have a solid plan and budget in place before you begin, and envision where you want your business to go. Keep in mind, that running a business involves strategy, intuition, and a bit of luck.

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