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Allen ISD School Board Approves Controversial Rezoning Plan

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The Allen ISD school board has approved a rezoning plan that is leaving many parents fuming.Photo byMche Lee/UnsplashonUnsplash

The Allen ISD school board has approved a controversial rezoning plan that impacts thousands of elementary school students in the area. The board voted 7-1 to redraw boundary lines. Fox 4 reports that the district says this all stems from west side schools being overcrowded while some on the east side will be repurposed. Two of the schools being closed are Anderson and Roundtree Elementary. the eissue would be felt by students across the district, as Allen ISD works to put all schools at 80% capacity.

The school board and superintendent defended the plan against some angry parents who asked many questions about the plan. Fox 4 reports that Board president Amy Gnadt told those in attendance including parents:

"We are not gaining students at a rate to recover the money that is eroding away, and we already have capacity issues in campuses across the district because we have 3,000 empty seats."

Only one member voted against the plan, Vatsa Ramanathan, who claimed the district was not being transparent. Many people claimed that he was doing this to get votes, but said he was not power hungry and just wanted to do the right thing for the district. Ramanathan immediately resigned after the vote. Fox 4 reports that the new rezoning plan will go into effect next school year. For the students at schools not closing, they can request to stay at their current school. Hundreds of parents have spoken out about the plan during public comment sessions making their case against the rezoning plan.

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