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Dallas Couple Decorated their Yard with Graveyard based on 2022 Events

Larry Lease

You won't find gore, ghouls or goblins. Their decorations are truly unique and change up every year.Larry Lease

Philip and Shannon Durst take Halloween to heart. For the last 12 years, they have decorated their front yard for Halloween. Shannon does the leg work, researching at the beginning of the year. You won't find the normal Halloween-inspired decorations: ghouls and goblins. Their decorations are very unique and change every year. Phil says the more crosses the more work for him.

Shannon told me there are 29 crosses this year. They have created a makeshift graveyard to bury all the current events that have died. Shannon calls it a short-term history lesson. Among the graveyard you can find crosses for "Kim K and Pete D," "iPods," "Maris' home run record," "Elizabethan Era," and "The last Kmart." Perhaps they have a cross for "The Walking Dead" which is coming to an end this year. This has made some people nostalgic. Most of the crosses you'll find on the lawn are things we buried in the back of our minds. This Dallas couple started this Halloween tradition 12 years ago and have made it for the community.

Shannon said it makes people smile and say hello. Each year, their front yard for Halloween says a lot about the year we've had and sometimes the scariest things are real. The couple is already considering possible ideas for next Halloween's display. However, they are not saying what those possible ideas are. The couple told me their displays each year draw a crowd and they make sure to have plenty of candy for Halloween trick-or-treaters.

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