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Northeastern Employee Arrested in Texas over Campus Bomb Hoax

Larry Lease
A former Northeastern University employee was arrested in Texas for campus bomb hoax.Scott Rodgerson/Unsplash

A former Northeastern University employee claimed he was injured when a package he was opening on the Boston campus exploded last month. However, that was revealed to be a hoax, and was charged on Tuesday, after he was arrested in Texas.

Jason Duhaime was the new technology manager and director of the university's Immersive Media Lab. Fox 4 reports that Duhaime was charged with "conveying false and misleading information related to an explosive device," as well as lying to federal investigators. He was arrested near his home in San Antonio. U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins held a press conference saying:

"This alleged conduct is disturbing to say the least," "Our city, more than most, knows all too well that a report or threat of an explosion is a very serious matter and necessitates an immediate and significant law enforcement response, given the potential devastation that can ensue."

Duhaime had told investigators that a hard plastic case exploded when he opened it on Sept. 13, causing sharp objects to fly out and injure his arms. However, it was discovered his arms only had superficial marks and no damage to his shirt. Fox 4 reports that the case did not bear any marks, dents, cracks, holes, or signs it had been exposed to any type of explosive discharge. The package also contained a letter full of misspellings that railed against virtual reality. Fox 4 reports that the FBI said the letter was pristine and had no tears, holes, burn marks, or any other sign that it had been near any type of explosive discharge.

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