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Arlington PD Warn Gun Owners About Leaving Guns in Vehicles

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Arlington Police Department are reminding to keep their guns locked inside their home and not in vehicles.Max Felischmann/Unsplash

The Arlington Police Department is warning gun owners about the dangers of leaving their gun in their vehicles. CBS 11 reports that police say some of the guns being stolen out of cars are used in crimes they're now working to solve. Arlington Police Sgt. Courtney White told CBS 11:

"We have noticed that there has been a rise in vehicle burglaries, more importantly, firearms have been stolen from those vehicles."

According to CBS 11, 305 reports have been made for stolen guns and 158 of those stolen guns came from vehicle burglaries.

"That's a big deal for us, we have a lot of children here," White said. "Most of the vehicle burglaries are from restaurants, parking lots, residential neighborhoods and apartment communities. We don't want to make those firearms accessible to children."

Arlington police have said they connected several stolen firearms to crimes committed across Arlington. In April 2021, police made a traffic stop on a man named Jacob Yi. Officers learned that Yi had a felony warrant connected to an auto theft case in another jurisdiction. Yi was arrested and searched. CBS 11 says when he was searched they found a gun in his waistband and the gun was reported stolen out of a pickup truck in Arlington.

Sgt. White told CBS 11 says that people need to lock up your firearms. If you are forced to leave a weapon in a locked car, it's best to lock it in a box and hide it out of plain sight. Many vehicle burglaries are happening during the night, so it's best to taking firearms from your vehicle to inside of your house. Arlington Police Chief Alexander Jones mentioned the same problem to CBS 11, saying:

"We have to make sure the gun owners are being responsible. I'm not saying that they shouldn't have their guns," "What I'm asking to do is is be responsible locking their guns up so people can't get to them. They're leaving their cars unlocked with the guns sitting right there. And unfortunately, these kids are going through the neighborhoods and looking in pull in door handles and where we're seeing those guns."

CBS 11 says if your gun is stolen, to quickly report it to the police.

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