Texas State Board of Education Considering Ending Use of BC, AD Calendar Dating System

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The Texas Board of Education is considering eliminating the BC/AD dating system in their social studies curriciulum.Javier Trueba/Unsplash

There is a new social studies curriculum that is being drafted in Texas, which eliminates the use of the BC and AD calendar dating system. The dating system BC and AD refer to the terms "Before Christ" and "Year of Our Lord," which would be written out in place of more religiously-neutral language.

Fox 4 News reports that the Texas State Board of Education would replace BC with "Before Common Era" BC and AD Would become "Common Era" CE. The potential changes were highlighted during the Texas State Board of Education by Andrew Pearce, a social studies teacher. The original decision to use BC and AD was made over 500 years after the biblical events referenced to BC and AD. The board says it has nothing to do with removing Christ from the calendar, and more to do with accuracy.

According to Fox 4, Cornell University historian Barry Strauss says that the widely-accepted dating system was originally started by a monk during the Middle Ages. The dating system was originally based on Jesus being born year 1, however, Barry Strauss says that we now know that Jesus was born in 4 BC. The Texas State Board of Education says the discussion is still in the early stages, and the issue will continue to be discussed at length during the school year. This is just the latest issue the Texas Board of Education is looking to reform. They are also looking for clarification on how racism can be taught in school classrooms.

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