MedStar Seeing Heat-Related Calls Increase As North Texas Heatwave Continues

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MedStar is seeing calls increase as the heat continues to rise in North Texas.Camilo Jimenez/Unsplash

Extreme heat has taken over North Texas and is plaguing people, who feel okay one day and end up feeling sick the next. According to Fox 4, the emergency service provider MedStar is seeing an increase in heat-related calls.

MedStar ambulances are being ordered to operate under extreme weather protocol. Any call that comes in and the patient is outside, MedStar makes that a high-priority call. The temperature reached around 100 degrees on Friday. Fox 4 reports that MedStar is reminding people that for those who have a heart condition, or are a diabetic, or have a respiratory illness, the heat will make it worse. The heat-related illnesses are completely preventable. One key is to avoid being out in the heat if you can. However, if you have to be in the heat, drink as much water as you can and minimize the time you are out in the heat.

Fox 4 reports that MedStar call volume continues to soar as the heat index rises. A call sent EMT paramedics to a mobile home park. The EMTs found a man unconscious and took the man into the ambulance and began working on him for several minutes. He eventually became stable and had a pulse. Fox 4 reminds Texans to keep an eye on seniors and those with health issues that the heat will make worse. The temperatures are expected to get worse over the weekend. Fox 4 says the MedStar call volume will continue to rise as the heat continues to increase across Texas, so they are reminding to call MedStar only for emergencies.

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