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Dallas County Sheriff's Deputy Keith Rose is Hero Saving Child's Life in Traffic

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A Dallas Sheriff deputy stepped up and became a hero when a child's life was in danger.Pete Alexopoulos/Unsplash

Dallas County Sheriff's Deputy Keith Rose is being hailed a hero by a 4-year-old's family after he saved their daughter's life in a traffic intersection. According to CBS DFW, the Deputy leaped into action on May 31, while sitting at the intersection of E. Camp Wisdom, just right before the bridge of I-35.

Daniella Armijo frantically got out of her car and ran toward him holding her daughter who appeared limp and had a foamy substance coming from her mouth. Deputy Rose immediately got out of his car and began giving the child CPR. Deputy Rose cleared any obstructions and started to do chest compressions. After multiple chest compressions, the child regained consciousness.

CBS DFW reports the 4-year-old child was eventually returned to her mother when the deputy called for an ambulance. Deputy Sheriff Keith Rose kept an eye on the child and let the child and her mother sit in the back of the squad car with the air conditioning running. Several passersby stopped by to help. They eventually moved their cars off the road and into a gas station parking lot.

The fire department and ambulance eventually arrived and evaluated the child who was eventually transported to Children's Hospital for more evaluation. This is just the latest story of a Dallas Police Department officer becoming a real-life superhero and saving the life of one of the people he is tasked with protecting and serving, especially being a 4-year-old little girl. This deputy sheriff deserves applause from the community for his heroic deed.

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