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Gas Prices Increase Past $4 Across Dallas

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The price of gas has begun to sky rocket throughout Dallas and drivers are feeling the pain.Adrian Susec/Unsplash

Gas prices continue to rise above $4 a gallon on average. They hit a record on March 11, when gas reached $4.01. However, on Monday the average price increased up to 14 cents from a week ago and 27 cents from last month. Dallas News reports that the area has paid $1.34 more for gas.

AAA Texas spokesman Daniel Armbruster told Dallas News that as the summer gets closer, they're seeing the demand for gas increase, leading to higher costs. Average costs of gas went from $4.13 to $4.17 across counties. The highest prices for gas were in West Texas, while the lower costs were in the Texas panhandle.

While Texans may feel the pain at the pump, they are still paying less than most other states. According to CNBC, Texas ranks No. 5 when it comes to least expensive gas prices. The gas prices continue to rise as the cost of crude oil rises to more than $100 a barrel. Last year, the price was around $65. A major factor in this price increase is the ongoing Russian war with Ukraine. Another factor that not many people consider when it comes to gas prices, is the shortage of truck drivers, making it more difficult to get the fuel from the storage tanks to the gas stations.

Dallas News reports that gas prices are definitely going up this summer, as more people are planning to travel this summer, after being in lockdown during COVID. With cases of COVID-19 decreasing, there will be an increase in travel. AAA offers multiple ways to save money on gas including: reduce air conditioning use, maintain your car and tires, avoid quick accelerations, and use the AAA app to locate the cheapest gas station near you.

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