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Opinion: Green Bay has had some Great, but not Always Likeable Quarterbacks

Larry E Lambert

With the retirement of Tom Brady, it would seem like more attention will be focused on Aaron Rodgers. And I'm guessing Aaron is ok with that. When it comes to the spotlight, Aaron is not a shrinking violet. While not all fans are enthralled by his personality, Rodgers is undeniably one of the greatest QBs in the history of the NFL. In other words, he's a lot like his predecessor, Brett Favre. As you may have heard, Brett has been in the news lately.

What has Brett Favre been up to?

I saw an item on my Twitter timeline a little while back inviting me to pray with Brett Favre. That’s a hard no. That’s just one of the many things I don’t want to do with Favre.

During his playing days I recall the story about his sending an inappropriate picture to a woman. At least Brett didn’t ask people to join him in that activity.

Now Brett is part of investigation of a massive welfare fraud in the state of Mississippi. It seems that millions of dollars earmarked for Mississippi’s poor ended up Favre’s pocket for speeches he didn’t give.

Favre gave the money back and said he didn’t know the source of the money. In addition to the money for non-speeches, millions of dollars went to a company Favre has an interest in and another five million went to provide a volleyball facility at Favre’s alma mater.

I didn’t realize so many of Mississippi’s poor worked in a company in which Favre had an interest or played volleyball at his alma mater. However, by an amazing coincidence, Favre’s daughter does play volleyball there.

I guess charity begins at home.

One thing about Favre’s non-speeches, if you’ve heard Brett, it makes more sense to pay him not to speak.

Favre actually makes Aaron Rodgers pretty nice by comparison.

All Rodgers has done is lie about his vaccination status and flout NFL covid protocols. That and being generally arrogant and unlikeable.

Rodgers has been relatively quiet recently. Specifically, since his last contract gave him all the cheese in Wisconsin.

In the past I would have expected Rodgers to go off when perhaps the best receiver in the NFL, Devante Adams, went off to the Las Vegas Raiders. Now, while Rodgers hasn’t seemed enamored with his new receivers, he hasn’t been that vocal about the loss of Adams.

Maybe he’s been too busy counting his cheddar.

More recently, Favre seems more reflective. He recently said Packers' management was having talks without him. That seems to be a departure from the way things have gone in years gone by. Maybe the Packers are tired of having Rodgers lead them around by the nose.

Time will tell if Aaron suits up for the Packers next season.

As a Bears fan, I miss the old days.

Back in the 60s Packers' great, Bart Starr, would cut Bears fans hearts out and then go on about his business with class. No scandals, no taunting, just precision QB play and no frills.

It was a much better look.

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