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3 Splendid Coffee bars in Seattle

Lara Wayne

Seattle's rainy season has arrived, and many people are flocking to coffee shops. Seattle maintains a coffee bar high with an ever-inventing, diverse, and growing coffee culture. Some splendid coffee bars make it up with rich taste coffee that you won't find anywhere in the U.S. If you're stuck at home or want to socialize, a cup of coffee is all you need to brighten your day. Here are some of the greatest coffee shops in Seattle that you should not miss.

Storyville Coffee, Pike Place

In sharp contrast to the cozy and warm environment that you see in coffee bars normally, the Storyville is a kind of modern place located in pike place. Their extended menu includes beverages, a variety of coffee tastes, lunch and drink offers. For example, the Mocha is loaded with Storyville house-made chocolate sauce with steamed milk and espresso. Other than this, they also offer Americano, Cold Brew, French Press on their menu.

Location: 94 Pike St #34 Seattle, WA 98101

Makeda and Mingus
Makeda and MingusZomato

Makeda and Mingus bring you the old Seattle vibes when you get there. They offer plenty of room for kids' activities. They got a speciality in Toddy, a kind of brew often relish in hot summer. Their extended menu includes a lot of baked goodies and ice drinks, brews, and desserts.

Location: 153 N 78th St (Greenwood Ave)

Seattle, WA 98103

Ghost Alley Espresso

As the name depicts, the Ghost Alley welcomes you with a cozy and spooky environment when you get there. Their signature menu includes a "Mystery Mocha" loaded with syrups, salts or spices. Most drinks are on budget. Their menu also includes Spicy Mocha, Turmeric Mocha, pastries and drinks.

Location: 1499 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

The list is compiled based on the author's personal views; you can add personal opinions about your favorite coffee bar in the comment section.

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