Finance Report: Indiana Scores 82 out of 100 for the Fiscal Year 2020 in Financial Transparency

Lara Wayne

Indiana holds a distinct position among the other 50 states in terms of financial transparency. It includes public expenditures, audits, and transparent information that must be available to the public about the state’s policies.

Truth in Accounting (TIA) is a semi-government finance watchdog organization with the chief objective of promoting transparent government financial information to citizens. None of the state government nor any officials are answerable or accountable to the organization other than the mass awareness affairs run by the organization. The (TIA) pitched a 2021 Annual Financial Transparency report with aims of comparative financial transparency between states after gathering information from 50 States across the country. The report submitted with practices or standards widely accepted by private organizations.

“State governments have historically struggled to provide the public with meaningful information about their financial health,” said TIA founder and CEO Sheila Weinberg.

Even a layman can understand the report that measured the state score on the scale from 0-100 scoring scale, with a state score above 80 considered as worth praising. While none of the states can achieve a score of 100 or perfect, Indiana scores 82 in the fiscal year 2020 based on providing the public with transparent information about their state health policies.

Texas scores 77; gain much traction on public expenditure transparency among other states. Utah earned the highest score of 88.

In comparison, the overall performance of the 50 states has deteriorated. It might be due to challenges or issues that several states have to deal with, like unemployment insurance and other tax-related problems.

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