Glen De Vries; An Entrepreneur Who Travelled to Outer Space in Blue Origin's Rocket Dies in New Jersey Plane Crash

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Man's quest for exploring the outer world in the wake of technological advancement rejuvenates him to explore, research and could meet his unsatisfying thirst. One such venture was conducted by "Blue Origin," where renowned entrepreneur Glen De Vries took an offset to outer space.

"It's going to take me a while to be able to describe it. It was incredible," de Vries had said on returning.

Glen De Vries was a tech entrepreneur who joined Mr. Shatner on 13th Oct in Semi-Capsulated space aircraft; the space bus belongs to "Blue Origin."

The tragic crash followed the New Jersey woodland area where Glen De Vries met the end of his successful life.

He was aboard in single-engine aircraft, and Thomas Fischer, 54, died in crash plan near the New Jersey Woodland area.

Blue Origin said it was "devastated" to learn of de Vries's death in a statement. "He brought so much life and energy to the entire Blue Origin team and his fellow crewmates. His passion for aviation, his charitable work, and his dedication to his craft will long be revered and admired."

Mr. Jeff Bezos recorded his statement on Twitter with the accolade of his services and grief concern over the tragic event.
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Glen De Vries inspires the lives of millions. He founded "Medidata Solutions," which provides the SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions to pharmaceutical and clinical trials.

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