4 Worst Places to Live in Nebraska

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People tend to live in areas where habitats follow social values, having somewhat high living standards. The areas that offer good employment opportunities allow the resident to foster social life, good economic development, and low crime rates. Based on social and moral standards, people perceive areas as good or bad for living. Home snacks have included the following five areas as the worst places to live in Nebraska.


Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, with a population of 1.934 million. The city is notorious for its low income per household, which on average is $60,430. The city main is the home of gangs were plundering its common habitat. The city has a 70% high crime rate than the national average.


Although Plattsmouth boasts spacious and great tourist attractions near the Missouri River, the city has questionable housing and living standards. The average median income per household in Plattsmouth is $50,390. The city ranks 4th for worst places according to road snacks.


Greece’s Crete City is in sharp contrast when compared with the Nebraskan version. The former boasts imminent minotaur creations. In contrast, Crete in Nebraska State is quite unimpressive. The mischievous gangs plundering the property belongings is normal in this city. The road snack rank city as the worst place to live in Nebraska state. Despite the meager population, the unemployment rate is 5.4%.


If you are one of the residents of Lexington, you probably have envisioned the service rendered by Pony Express. Once the stop point of great delivery service is now the stopover for convenience. The city depicts the miserable situation of many educational institutes. The poverty soared to 14.1% despite dim population. None of the town’s public institutions scores better than a 4/10 on great schools.

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