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Weather Forecast: Boston is Expecting Heavy Snowfall this Winter.

Lara Wayne

Who doesn't like snowfall? Especially when the echoes of Santa's bell call for holidays! The weather forecast for Boston is predicted to have above-average snowfall this year. The average snowfall in Boston is expected between 45-55 inches. So, if you haven't already, get some boots, gloves, and whatever else you'll need to get ready for heavy snow.

But residents should prepare for the worst too! That is, finding a snowplow driver during the snow season may be tough. The plow drivers may not be reluctant to charge hefty per hour charges. Last year, finding slow drivers in Massachusetts was difficult; that is why communities throughout the states offers high per-hour fairs or wages to those with commercial licenses.

Paul Pastelok told the Boston Herald. "We may have an early storm and then a run on storms later on... We could get a lot of snow in one storm... Snowfall is expected to be greater than last year."

Center of Disease Control and Prevention CDC warns residents to fix the emergency supplies and prepare an emergency toolkit that should have all necessary tools required during the winter storms. Their suggested emergency preparedness list includes the following items.

  1. Battery-powered radio with extra batteries
  2. Windshield scraper
  3. First aid kit with any necessary medications and a pocket knife
  4. Waterproof matches and a can to melt snow for water
  5. Canned compressed air with sealant for emergency tire repair
  6. Tire chains

And many more. You can find a complete list of toolkit here.

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