Changing the Clock Every Year Is "Stupid," According to Senator Marco Rubio. Why do we still do it?

Lara Wayne

Is changing the time setting our new identity? Solve our problems? Or fix the issue of saving daylight problem? Of course, everyone hates it, including me.

This disproportionate thing has followed the trend every year where some crazy people said, "we have always done it this way." It's a most bizarre business statement, according to "Forbes magazine."

"changing time every year" is subject under debate in Congress, where both major parties have agreed to end this statement.

According to Senator Marco Rubio;

"We're about to do once again this annual craziness of changing the clock, falling back, springing forward. We need to stop doing it. There is no justification for it. Let's go to permanent Daylight-Saving Time. The overwhelming majority of members of Congress approve and support it. Let's get it done. Let's get it passed so that we never have to do this stupid change again."

Some people might get the idea of changing the changing time because changing the clock broaden daylight in the fall and winters season while allowing people to get out of depression in a season where short-day light dim their day economic activity. But the custom lacks any scientific evidence.

In 2019, Florida lawmakers passed a bill that prohibits the custom of changing the clock. California voters passed a similar bill was passed in 2018 by California voters, where 60% of voters wanted to get rid of DST. However, the federal government overruled both bills.

Bill Murphy Jr. states in his Inc magazine article, "It's official: Turning the clocks back is a very silly idea based on a 100-year-old mistake. (So why are we still doing it?) We stole this idea from the germans in world war I. It wasn't very smart then, and it's an even worse idea now."

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