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Greg Takes Manhattan: Abbott heads to NYC, tells sanctuary city he didn't make their migrant crisis

Lance R. Fletcher
Abbott follows one of his buses to NYC to speak at conservative think tank, reminds NYC he didn't create their migrant crisisPhoto byEric Gay/Associated Press

A burgeoning feud between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and New York City Mayor Eric Adams is brewing this week, as the Governor followed one of his buses of migrants to NYC Wednesday.

The Texas Governor has bused 15,300 migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to New York City, by his count, resulting in Adams calling him a “a madman,” threatened to campaign against Abbott, and has accused him of “using this crisis to hurt” cities with Black mayors.

Abbott quipped back earlier this month that the NYC mayor "wouldn't last a week" in Texas.

The Governor seems to find entertainment in the struggles of mayors like Adams, "saying self-proclaimed sanctuary cities like New York “love to promote these liberal ideologies until they actually have to live up and apply them.”

That is, incidentally, something both sides of the aisle have also criticized so-called "sanctuary cities" for. Using migrants as a political bargaining chip, declaring sanctuary status — and promptly failing to deliver for the people they purport to be helping.

The Wall Street Journal's Allysia Finley blasted NYC's complaints back in August, calling it a "self-imposed crisis," and some 77 Democratic lawmakers have joined in speaking out against the Joe Biden administration's handling of immigration.

The Texas Governor has promised he "won't back down," against the Biden administration, in a social media post.

Abbott's slated to speak this morning at a breakfast in Midtown hosted by conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute (MI). He'll be there to outline his vision for "resolving the border crisis," and hold a “wide-ranging discussion with Manhattan Institute President Reihan Salam," according to an MI statement.

Neither Adams nor New York Gov. Kathy Hocul is planning to meet with Abbott, and his office declined to comment ahead of his NYC trip, according to Politico.

Hocul (via spokesperson Anthony Hogrebe to Playbook) said of her Texas counterpart, Greg Abbott’s record on immigration is using vulnerable families and children as political props."

“If he wants to be part of the solution to this humanitarian crisis, he should press his conservative colleagues in Congress to work with President Biden on commonsense immigration reform," Hocul's rep said.

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