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‘Mega Burrito Challenge’ defeated at Debbie’s Burritos

Lance Brownfield
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark has taken on food challenges coast-to-coast across North America.Lance Brownfield

MALVERN, Ark. – Mississippi-based professional competitive eater Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” Clark defeated the “Mega Burrito Challenge” at Debbie’s Burritos in Malvern Tuesday. Clark is the first ever to complete the challenge after it has bested five others since 2014

“We used to do one big burrito, but it was way too messy,” said Debbie Cooper, who owns the food truck with her husband, Roger. “We usually do these challenges at fairs, but with the pandemic, entry prices are still the same, and food prices are just so high, we haven’t been able to afford it.”

Cooper used 15-inch tortillas to make the exceptionally-large burritos before switching to the current format of a tray of five burritos.

Clark hosts a YouTube channel where he takes on food challenges all over North America. He has over 75 thousand subscribers and is approaching 2,000 videos on the platform.

For the challenge, Clark had one hour to eat five burritos (each weighing roughly two-and-a-half pounds each) and drink 32 ounces of soda. He chose to eat two beef, two chicken and one with beef and chicken. He opted for the mild sauce, although spicy is available.

After just one minute, Clark had already scarfed down his first burrito.
Lance Brownfield

“I’m going to go fast maybe for the first two, But I'll probably slow down after that,” said Clark.

Before seven minutes had passed, Clark was halfway through his third burrito, marking the midway point of the challenge.

Enduring the 94-degree weather, Clark pressed on. He had barely drunk any of his Dr. Pepper when he reached his fifth burrito. He started to unwrap it after 17 minutes and 57 seconds had elapsed.

“Nobody’s ever made it to the fifth burrito,” said Roger. "I've only managed to finish two of them."

Clark was starting to take significantly longer with each burrito. Several drivers began to stop and see what the commotion was about as he fought to cross the finish line.

He used his own spoon to clean up the contents that spilled out onto the tray below. At one point, a piece fell to the ground, and he ate it as well as to not discredit his accomplishment.

I’ve been out of practice for four years,” said Clark as the challenge began to fatigue him. “It’s like bubblegum in my mouth. My brain is saying ‘don’t swallow, stupid.’”

28 minutes and 53 seconds after the timer began, Clark successfully swallowed his last bit of burrito. All that remained was about 30 ounces of soda.

At 30 minutes and 41 seconds, Clark emptied his bottle of Dr. Pepper and slammed his hand on the timer, crushing the challenge.
Lance Brownfield

Clark walked away with about 13 pounds of burrito and two pounds of soda in his stomach and another video for his YouTube channel, which will be released in early November.

Those who fail are sent home with just a to-go box while Clark received a t-shirt that declares his victory over the challenge and his $60 deposit.

Debbie’s Burritos is typically located at 456 E. Page Ave. in Malvern. Their hours are 11 a.m.-3:20 p.m. and 3:45-6 p.m, Tuesday-Friday. Hours may change during football season. Check their Facebook page to see when and where they are open or call 501-467-2502.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark is expected to release his video taking on the Mega Burrito Challenge in early November.Lance Brownfield

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