How to Save Money on Your Home Heating Bills

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I'm focusing on topics relating to ways to save money right now. According to everyone's buddy (not!) Punxsutawney Phil, we're in for six more weeks of winter-like weather. Whether or not you believe in the legend of the groundhog waking up to see his shadow on Groundhog Day, you may be just as interested as many in how to save on your home heating costs. Here are a few ideas:
If you have one, learn how to use your programmable thermostat to help save on home heating costs.Photo byDan LeFebvreonUnsplash
  • Lower the inside temperature when heating. It seems so obvious, but it really is true. Wear warm clothes and socks when in the house during cooler weather. Layer what you're wearing to stay warm. Add an extra blanket or two to your bed. If you do these things, lowering the temperature won't be as noticeable.
  • If you have a programmable thermostat, figure out how to use it! This is something I've recently done and it really does make a difference. When no one is at home, drop the temperature down a bit. Before everyone arrives back home, raise it up to a comfortable level. If you've added an extra blanket to your bed, think about dropping the temperature down a bit at night while you sleep.
Cooking at home can be a source of heat!Photo byHannah BusingonUnsplash
  • Take advantage of the heat that you already have in your home. When you cook a meal, you'll have some added heat from cooking.
  • Take advantage of the sun during the daytime hours. Open the curtains/blinds on the sunny side of your home when it's bright and sunny outside.
  • Make sure your windows and doors aren't leaking out the heat you have. A trip to the hardware store for weather stripping can make a difference in helping you not lose heat in the colder months.
Are you leaking heat out of your windows and doors? Consider adding weather stripping to try to keep the heat inside.Photo byRob WingateonUnsplash
  • Try to run your gas appliances less. Wait until you have a full load of laundry to wash and dry. If possible, use cold or warm water rather than hot.
  • Avoid losing the heat you have in your home. Running venting fans can cause heat to be removed from where you want it, which is inside your house! Make sure that if you have a fireplace that isn't being used, close the damper to keep heat from escaping. Make sure your windows and doors are closing properly with no leaks.
  • If you have a room like an extra bedroom that isn't used, keep the door closed.
If you have a room that you're not using, think about closing the door.Photo byAlexander / Pixabay
  • Replace the filter in your heating unit monthly. If yours can't be replaced, it can probably be cleaned.
  • Lower your hot water heater temperature a bit. Make sure you keep it warm enough for showers, but dropping it down may not be noticeable.

We all like to save money. Yesterday's article about How to Save Money on Your TV and Internet Costs was popular, so I know others are just as interested in saving as I was. Consider trying some of these money-saving tips to see if they help and if you're looking for more ways you might be able to save on your home heating costs, check out the articles referenced below.
Save money where you can - times can be tough!Photo byFabian BlankonUnsplash


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