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Both my husband and I are considered as being health compromised, so we are very interested in seeing what the trend is with COVID-19 in Lake County, Florida. We base our decisions on whether it's safe for us to be venturing out on data. We are not medical personnel, but we like to use data to help us make our decisions. The Florida Department of Health has a website that we follow. It includes information about vaccine locations, testing locations, and treatment locations that you can bring up by county and then by city.

But how can you know if COVID levels are high or low in Lake County? There is a link to the CDC COVID Data Tracker and once you get the hang of how to use it and understand what it's saying, it's not too difficult to understand. Up in the top section, you'll see information on the United States, including the number of weekly cases and deaths, plus you can see the number of new daily hospitalizations. While this is good information, it doesn't help me to understand what's happening here. Scroll down a little and you'll see a section called COVID in Your Community. Click inside the box and enter Lake County, Florida and then click the arrow to see the information for our county. When I viewed it on the date this article was written (11/26/22), it said that Lake County, Florida had a Low Community Level, and recommendations were provided based on that level. Scroll down and you'll see a map of Florida showing the counties and their current community levels (green is low, yellow is medium, and orange is high). I think a helpful piece of information is listed in the next section, and that's the chart showing the weekly cases - you can see if the numbers are going up, down, or staying steady in our county. There is additional information listed on this page for the county, such as testing data and hospitalization information.

Let's go back to the Florida Department of Health so I can point out one other way to try to understand what's happening. The state of Florida releases a report every two weeks called The COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report that provides helpful information. The data in the report is from the previous week. Page one shares the total number of COVID cases for the state and the new case positivity percentage. Beginning on page 5, you'll find information for each county in Florida. Lake County is on page 6, and it shows the previous week's number of COVID cases and the new case positivity percentage for the county. Unfortunately, it doesn't show trends, so by looking at this, I can't tell if the numbers are going up or down. Here's what I've done to keep track: when the report comes out, I jot down on a calendar the number of positive cases in Lake County on a given day. Then by looking back through my calendar, I can try to see if the number of COVID cases is getting better or worse.

Are you traveling for the holidays? You can find out if the county where you're traveling has a low, medium, or high transmission level by visiting the CDC COVID Data Tracker and entering the county and state you'll be visiting. You'll be able to see the recommended actions for that county based on the current COVID-19 community level. It seems like masks, test kits, and supplies are easy to get so far this year. Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday with family and friends!

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