Paid Leave Programs in Delaware and Maryland

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The Federal Government is stalling on bills about paid leave programs. But laws are getting passed at the state level. Two new states have fought to ensure their workers have access to paid leave. This change means only 11 states offer paid family leave. (source)

The two states joining this rank are Delaware and Maryland. Nine states which already had paid family leave policies are California and Colorado. The others are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington. The District of Columbia also has paid family leave policies. (source)

But several of these bills are not yet active. The states need time to build the tax reserves to pay for such arrangements. (source)

The Delaware and Maryland state government passed family leave laws in April. This bill guarantees workers the right to at least 12 weeks off after the birth of a child. (source)


The Delaware program provides six weeks of leave for every two years worked. This time is to care for the worker's health or a family member. Workers cannot claim more than 12 weeks per year. The benefit is 80% of the worker's salary or $900 per week, whichever is lower. The program is available to workers who work at a company with at least 25 employees. Businesses with 10-24 employees only qualify after an employee has a child. Companies with less than 10 employees can opt-in but are not required to participate. (source)


The Maryland Program allows 12 weeks of leave to employees who have worked at least one year or 680 hours. The worker can use this time to care for themselves or a family member. The benefit got capped at $1,000 per week. The program is available to all Maryland workers, including part-time and small business workers. (source)

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