Up To $850 In Stimulus Checks for Maine

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The rollout of Federal checks is over.

But state stimulus checks are available for Maine residents and ten other states.

During the pandemic, the federal government made trillions available to Americans. This money got released as stimulus payments to businesses and individuals. The payout helped many buy necessities while their economic situation remained uncertain. But these checks have dried up. And families face new challenges such as record-high inflation and stagnant low wages. (source)

To help with the need of many Americans, state governments pledged to fund residents. Thus, Maine and ten other states have tax relief or stimulus checks planned for 2022. (source)

The eleven states are California, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, and Indiana. The other counties are Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Virginia. (source)


California has had two years of budget surpluses. Thus, California residents could get relief from soaring petrol costs. Governor Gavin Newsom's proposal involves sending debit cards to car owners. Drivers would receive one $400 card per car with a limit of two per household. Early July is the anticipated month of the card release. (source)


Governor Janet Mills signed a bill to provide a one-time relief payment of $850. It will go to residents who earn less than $100,000, $150,000 for the head of the household, or $200,000 for married couples who file taxes together. Residents who file their 2021 taxes by October 31 are eligible. It does not matter if they owe tax money to the state. (source)

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