Target Employee Shares Store Secret

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Every day, millions of Americans shop at Target. In total, the stores of this big-box company greet 2 million visitors each day at their 1,900 locations. (source)

Every brand features different and less obvious ways of observing customers. These measures are to prevent shoplifting by shoppers. Many Americans notice the cameras and employees. But there is one lesser-known way to watch the actions of shoppers.
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The Secret Shared by the Target Employee:

A TikTok video went viral after allegedly revealing that a Target location has a secret room. The video got shared by TikTok user Santi (@santi._s).

To Prevent Shoplifting, Target Locations Have Secret Rooms Where Employees Can Watch Customers

The video starts with the camera pointed upwards. It shows a row of mirrors lining the ceiling of a Target location. The video then shows Santi allegedly entering the backroom of a Target location. He climbs some stairs, walks into an office area, and turns into a room.

In the room, he reveals that the mirrors are two-way mirrors. This feature allegedly allows employees to view customers from above.

“If you see mirrors like this in a Target, they are watching you.”, is the text overlay on the video.

@santi._s They really do be watching us from above 😳 @kailah_rivera #fyp #target #secret #shopping ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery - Dante9k Remix - David Snell

Commenters on the video had different opinions about the mirrors. Some mentioned that the offices of other brands have a similar design.

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