Google Urges People to Update Chrome Browsers

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Do you have a Chrome browser? In recent weeks, did your browser suggest a software update?

Google is encouraging the public to update their Chrome browser. According to the company, it will deploy a new wave of software fixes to patch security flaws. (source)

The company is rolling out a software update over the next few weeks. The change will affect Chrome on PCs, Macs, and Linux. It will also affect other browsers that use Google code, such as Microsoft Edge. Google announced the plans in an April 26 blog.

The update will include 30 security fixes; seven are high-level threats. Google keeps specifics on software bug fixes a secret. It waits until most users update the changes. Afterward, Google will reveal details about the addressed bugs or potential hackers using them. (source)

Lotem Finkelstein is the director of cyber intelligence and research for Check Point Software Technologies. Finkelstein says, "Such software updates happen regularly, but this one is alarming enough to warrant users' immediate attention. Overall, Google keeps high standards for security and the safety of its users, but that alone is not enough, and we, the end-users, need to make sure we are using their most updated fixes."

Security professionals and President Biden have suggested Americans be on high alert because of increased cybersecurity threats. These attacks could come because of Russian retaliation for U.S. assistance to Ukraine. (source)

Finkelstein continues, "The cyber threat landscape expends all the time, new threat actors join constantly and hackers acquire new skills as we speak. We see an all-time high in cyber attacks, more than 50% vs. last year, so it is only natural that we see an increase in zero-days. We expect it to keep on growing."

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