Twitter's Headquarters Welcomed in Texas

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A lawmaker is signaling to Elon Musk that he welcomes the Twitter headquarters in Texas. Texas State Representative Tan Parker says Texas will "roll out the red carpet" for him. The move aims to have Twitter's main office moved from California to the Lone Star State. (source)

Parker said, "Elon made a tremendous decision. The right choice, when he brought Tesla to Texas, when he brought SpaceX to Texas. I think it's no different in his decision-making here for Twitter. He realizes that Texas is the most business-friendly state in America. That we are open for business."

Parker continues, "[Musk] brought Tesla here. [Elon] brought SpaceX here. And I believe it's a very good probability that he will bring the headquarters of Twitter. And we'll obviously encourage that. We'll support it and we'll roll out the red carpet to make certain that he does so. But he knows living here firsthand the difference that Texas brings to the table."

Musk moved Tesla's head office to Texas in 2021. The move followed tensions between the California government about the pandemic rules. But Musk said the facility offered more room for growth. (source)

The lawmaker implied the company would gain from Texas' tax and regulatory environment. (source)

Parker added, "We are a low tax state. We have no state income tax. Pretty extraordinary environment. Look at California by comparison. Obviously tremendous state income tax and they're taxed so heavily, obviously at the local level, particularly in the Bay Area."

Greg Abbott is the Governor of Texas. Abbott directed a tweet at Elon Musk. It said, "Bring Twitter to Texas to join Tesla, SpaceX & the Boring company."

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