Theories as to Why Some Floridians are Moving To Nevada

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It's no secret that Florida's population has swelled in the past couple of years as people from all over the United States have chosen to move to the sunshine state. In fact, Florida gained so many new residents that data from the Census Bureau indicated that Florida was the fastest-growing state in 2022.

However, while Florida has plenty of new residents moving in, data shows that there is also a subset of people who are moving out. According to data from UHaul, Nevada is the 13 fastest-growing state in the country.

Florida is One of a Few States Where Some Residents are Heading to Nevada: By far, the majority of relocators moving to Nevada are coming from California. But, states like Texas, Florida, Utah, Washington, and Arizona also send relatively large numbers of people to Nevada. Specifically, 5% of Nevada's new residents in 2022 came from Florida, which is lower than California's migration but higher than migration numbers from many other states.

What Might Floridians Like About Nevada?: It goes without saying that people's reasons for relocating are individual. Everyone has their own unique situation. But experts have spoken about why some from Florida may find Nevada attractive, as follows:

Florida Homeowners Pay More For Property Insurance: The weather in Nevada is more predictable than Florida's, which may be one reason that Nevada homeowners enjoy cheaper property insurance rates than Floridians. According to Bankrate, homeowners in Nevada pay around $2,816 for a dwelling worth $250,000, while estimates that the average Floridian pays $4,218.

Both States Have No Income Tax, But Overall, Florida's Taxes Can Be a Bit Higher: Both states do not tax individuals for income, which makes them attractive to relocators of all ages. However, data from indicates that those living in Nevada may enjoy slightly lower taxes than Floridians. Specifically, the data indicates that those who reside in Nevada pay around 4.6% of their income in taxes, while Floridians pay around 5.6%.

Florida's Median Household Income is a Bit Lower: For those seeking to earn the highest paycheck possible, Nevada gets a slight nod. According to the Census Bureau, the median household income in Nevada was $65,686 in 2021 while in Florida it is approximately $61,777.

Both States Offer the Ability to Live an Active Lifestyle Enjoying Nature and Amenities: Floridians know that the sunshine state offers beautiful beaches, state parks, and forests, but Nevada also has the opportunity to enjoy nature. Las Vegas is close to Lake Mead for boating and only 45 minutes away from opportunities for skiing. Nevada also has its share of lovely state parks such as Valley of Fire State Park.

And while Floridians can enjoy professional sports with the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Florida Panthers, and Tampa Bay Lightning, those in Nevada enjoy the Las Vegas Raiders and the Vegas Golden Knights.

However, for those looking for retirement communities that cater to those who are 55 and over, Florida has more variety to offer in that category.

A Preference for Dry Heat Over the Humidity of Florida: Both Nevada and Florida have warm temperatures. But Nevada has what is referred to as "dry heat" while Florida's is more humid. "Dry heat" allows a person's body to cool down more quickly, which means it will usually feel cooler.

Lisa Lopez, a real estate agent with Sotheby’s International Realty in Las Vegas, told Mansion Global:

"A lot of people mention that they prefer the dry heat of Las Vegas in the summer compared to the humidity in Florida. Many of them prefer the dry weather for health reasons.”

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