The Florida Cities that are Paying Some of the Highest Car Insurance Premiums in the Nation

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Over the last couple of years, many of the monthly bills that Floridians must pay have gotten more expensive. For many, car insurance is no exception. A recent study indicated that Florida residents pay the second-highest car insurance premiums in the nation, and some Florida cities pay significantly more than others.

The Most and Least Expensive Auto Premiums in the Nation: The website ValuePenguin recently analyzed data from car insurance premiums across the country. It looked at liability-only and full-coverage policies.

How Did Florida Fare?: Florida did not fare well. It had the second-highest premiums in the nation, with an average premium of around $238 per month for full coverage.

The actual figure varied depending on factors like age and gender. Younger people had much higher premiums. Men had higher premiums than women.

Unlike other states like California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania - which do not adjust premiums based on gender - Florida does consider gender in determining car insurance premiums.

The most expensive states for full coverage were:



Rhode Island








The Florida Cities With the Most Expensive Premiums:

ValuePenguin also looked at premiums in specific Florida cities. The places where you'll pay the most for car insurance are listed below. The figure after each city is how much higher that city pays than average premiums:

Westview, 41%

Egypt Lake-Leto, 38%

Pinewood, 38%

Golden Glades, 37%

North Miami, 37%

West Little River, 36%

Miami Shores, 36%

Biscayne Park, 36%

Gladeview, 36%

Miami Beach, 34%

Town 'n' Country, 32%

Ocean Ridge, 32%

Opa-Locka, 31%

East Lake-Orient Park, 31%

Lake Magdalene, 31%

Lakewood Gardens, 31%

Hialeah Gardens, 30%

Miami Lakes, 30%

Ives Estates, 30%

Lake Worth, 30%

Kenwood Estates, 30%

Palm Beach, 30%

Delray Beach, 30%

Why is Florida's Car Insurance So Expensive?: According to the financial website MoneyGeek, one reason that Florida's car insurance premiums are so high is the number of uninsured drivers in the sunshine state, which is over 20%.

Another factor is the age of drivers. Senior citizens sometimes pay a little more for insurance, and Florida has a high number of drivers in that demographic. Also a consideration is traffic and busy roadways. Florida is becoming increasingly crowded, and this means that there are more cars on Florida's roadways, which increases the chances of an automobile accident.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance in Florida: MoneyGeek suggests bundling insurance policies, if possible. You might also try taking advantage of discounts your policy might offer, increasing your deductible, or considering a pay-per-mile model if you don't drive that often. Also, make sure you shop around and compare quotes, as they can vary by provider and by year.

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