Florida's Hotbins: How Does the Deeply Discounted Resale Store Work? What are the Prices? Where are They Located?

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If you're tired of paying retail prices in today's frustrating economy and are a shopper who loves the thrill of the chase, you may be intrigued by Hotbins. The chain is a Florida-based resale establishment that is popping up around the sunshine state. Hotbins is said to offer deep discounts to those willing to dig through bins of items.

But how do the stores function? How much do resale items cost? And where are the stores located? I'll answer those questions below.

Details about How Hotbins Works: Hotbins is most commonly known as the resale store for Amazon returns, but that's not completely accurate because it also sells returns from stores like Walmart, Target, Kohls, and "other big box stores" which it doesn't name on its website.

The types of items sold by Hotbins vary greatly, since it sells returned items. On one trip, you might find electronics, and on another, you might find tools or kitchenwares.

The store tries to make the experience fun by offering daily specials and by posting photos of consumers who get a great deal on social media.

What are the Prices?: Pricing can get a little tricky because the prices change daily. Hotbins' week starts on Fridays because it restocks on Thursdays (when it is closed.) Items bought on Fridays are $12. Each day after that brings a $2 discount. So items bought on Saturdays are $10. Sunday items fetch $8 and so on until Wednesday's items go for $2.

Of course, by the time Wednesday rolls around, items may be picked over, but that is when you will get the lowest price.

Hotbins' Instagram page shows shoppers buying laptop computers, gaming consoles, earbuds, and housewares for deep discounts.

What is the Catch?: If there's any catch, it's that you can't open an item's boxes when you are searching the bins. However, you can ask employees to open any box before you buy an item (although some shoppers say that the line for box opening can be long.)

Another issue that some shoppers find frustrating is the crowds, which can be large. Also, according to Axios, Hotbins does not accept returns, so you'll need to make sure you actually want and can use any item you buy.

Some shoppers who have actually gone to Hotbins and experienced the store for themselves have said the "finds" are hit or miss. In a Reddit thread, shoppers described an experience where some items were only slightly good deals while others were great deals.

Where are Hotbins located in Florida?: So far, Hotbins has five Florida locations as follows:

Lake Worth, 7203 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, 33467

Fort Myers, 4650 S Cleveland Ave Suite 12, Fort Myers, 33907

Hialeah, 1030 W 49TH Street, Hialeah, 33012

Tampa, 4001 E Busch Blvd, Tampa, 33617

Tamarac, 7707 W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac, 33351

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