Florida Mentioned in List of Best States for Teachers

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Some teachers may tell you they would never want another job because they find teaching extremely rewarding. Others may tell you that, despite the rewards, they are overworked and underpaid.

Some Teachers are Experiencing Burnout: In many areas of the country, the pandemic brought about additional challenges for teachers. That may be at least part of the reason why 90% of teachers reported feeling burnout in a National Education Association poll conducted in January 2022. Or why another NEA survey indicated that about half of teachers are considering leaving the profession.

Florida's Attempts to Attract and Retain Teachers: Perhaps as a result of these sentiments, some school districts in Florida are experiencing teacher shortages. In response, Florida has announced that it will give veterans a path to receive temporary teaching certificates. Florida has also made attempts to raise teacher salaries. This is Florida's experience, but other states have experienced similar challenges and shortages.

Determining the Best States for Teachers: The website WalletHub wanted to know which states ranked highest for "teacher-friendliness' so it looked at metrics like the work environment and opportunities.

What Were the Specific Criteria?: Under the categories of opportunity, WalletHub looked at criteria like average salary, income growth potential, average pension, competition, tenure, and preparation. Under the category of work environment, the site looked at digital learning plans, instructional materials, access to technology, student-pupil ratio, public spending, teacher turnover, administrator support, average commute time, and working mom friendliness.

How Did Florida Fare?: Florida did well in this survey. It came in 4th out of 51. Florida did better in the opportunity category than it did in the work environment category.

Which States Did Best?: New York, Utah, and Virginia were in the top three.

Which States Did Worse?: The District of Columbia, New Hampshire, and Hawaii were in the bottom three.

The Rest of the List: Florida's ranking may be interesting to Floridians, but it's also illuminating to see how the rest of the country did. Here is the remainder of WalletHub's list of best and worst states for teachers.

1 New York

2 Utah

3 Virginia

4 Florida

5 Washington

6 New Jersey

7 Pennsylvania

8 Massachusetts

9 Maryland

10 Connecticut

11 North Dakota

12 Delaware

13 Minnesota

14 Georgia

15 California

16 Illinois

17 Indiana

18 Alabama

19 Mississippi

20 Idaho

21 Kentucky

22 Wyoming

23 Texas

24 Iowa

25 Kansas

26 Ohio

27 Vermont

28 North Carolina

29 West Virginia

30 Oregon

31 Rhode Island

32 Nebraska

33 Wisconsin

34 Oklahoma

35 Arkansas

36 Colorado

37 Alaska

38 South Carolina

39 South Dakota

40 Michigan

41 Tennessee

42 Nevada

43 Montana

44 Maine

45 Louisiana

46 Missouri

47 New Mexico

48 Arizona

49 District of Columbia

50 New Hampshire

51 Hawaii

Additional Data: WalletHub is one source, but we can look at other sources of data for more information. Many of the surveys similar to WalletHub's considered teacher pay only. That said, in 2022, the National Education Association ranked Florida 16th in the nation for teachers based on its 2020-21 school year average salary of $44,040.

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