Florida City Mentioned as Among the Rudest in the United States

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Very few people enjoy experiencing what they perceive as rude behavior. Whether you're experiencing cultural differences, a misunderstanding, or negative interactions, navigating rudeness can be a challenge. Unfortunately, you'll arguably experience rudeness in some places more than others.

Determining Which Places in the United States are Perceived as the Rudest: The website Preply wanted to see which areas in the United States were perceived as the "rudest," so it asked over 1,500 residents of the 30 largest metropolitans in the United States to see which cities residents considered the most unkind. Residents were also asked about the prominence of behaviors considered to be rude.

What Were Some of the Findings?: Respondents identified the most common rude behaviors as being noisy in shared spaces, being overly absorbed in one's phone, and refusing to allow another driver to merge into traffic. Respondents said that non-locals tended to be ruder than locals.

How Did Florida Fare?: Florida had one city on the list of 14. Jacksonville came in number 12th, with an average rudeness score of 5.18, which was slightly above the average of 5.10.

Note that because Preply included large metropolitans in this survey, smaller towns would have been excluded. Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by landmass, which may have contributed to these rankings.

Which Cities Fared the Best? Which Fared the Worst?: Philadelphia, Memphis, and New York were seen as the rudest cities in the survey, in that order. Austin, San Diego, and Fort Worth were identified as the least rude.

The Rest of the List: The inclusion of Jacksonville may have been interesting to some Floridians. But it's also interesting to look at other cities that were included in both lists.

Here is the remainder of the list of the rudest cities:

Philadelphia, PA

Memphis, TN

New York, NY

Las Vegas, NV

Boston, MA

Detroit, MI

San Francisco, CA

Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA

Houston, TX

Phoenix, AZ

Jacksonville, FL

Seattle, WA

Louisville, KY

Here is the list of the least rude:

Austin, TX

San Diego, CA

Ft. Worth, TX

Nashville, TN

Indianapolis, IN

Chicago, IL

Columbus, OH

Oklahoma City, OK

Milwaukee, WI

Denver, CO

San Jose, CO

Portland, OR

El Paso, TX

San Antonio, TX

Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC (tie)

Additional Data: Preply is one source of data, but we can look to more data for additional information. Business Insider previously ran a similar article identifying the rudest cities in America. In that article, Miami came in 15th, Jacksonville came in 17th, and Tampa came in 20th. Travel + Leisure has also previously named Miami as America's rudest city. Miami was listed just before New York City and Phoenix. Finally, Time Out previously ranked Miami as the third rudest city in the world.

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