Florida Mentioned in List of Worst States for Healthcare

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Access to affordable health care is arguably an issue for many Americans. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, about half of adults in the United States indicate they have difficulty finding affordable health care. And about a fourth of adults say that they sometimes choose not to fill a prescription or cut their medication in half due to costs.

And Floridians are arguably not immune to these health care issues. Data shows that health care in Florida is among the most expensive in the nation. According to a study from The Commonwealth Fund, Floridians spent an average of 16% of their income on health care in 2022.

Perhaps not surprising, then, according to Statista, over 12% of Florida's population was uninsured in 2020.

Determining the Best and Worst States for Health Care: With so many Americans struggling with health care, the website WalletHub wanted to see which states were the best and the worst for Americans seeking health care. So the site looked at every state using 42 metrics in areas such as health care cost, accessibility, and health outcomes. The site released a report on their findings in August of 2022.

Specifically, the site looked at factors like heart disease rates, the number of adults who have visited a doctor in the last two years, the percentage of insured adults and children, physicians per capita, and the percentage of physicians retained, to name only a few metrics.

How Did Florida Fare?: Florida didn't fare particularly well, coming in 40th out of 51 states. Florida received the lowest rank for healthcare costs but fared a bit better for healthcare access. Although Florida came in 4th for the percentage of physicians retained, it came in almost last (49th) for the percentage of insured adults.

Which States Fared the Best? Which Fared the Worst?: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Hawaii were the top three states for health care, according to WalletHub. Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi made the bottom three.

Additional Data about Where Florida Ranks in Terms of Health Care: WalletHub is not the only publication to rank Florida somewhat low in comparison to other states when it comes to health care.

In 2020, the Commonwealth Fund, a non-profit that promotes access to health care, indicated that Florida’s health system ranked 41st among all states and 48th when evaluating access and affordability.

Despite this, Florida is still often listed as a top destination for retirees. For example, the website WalletHub recently declared Florida the top retirement spot in the United States. However, the website MoneyRates recently ranked Florida as the 5th best state for retirement in part due to health care reasons. The site indicated that "...nursing care capacity has not kept up with that elder population..."

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