Survey Indicates that Florida is the Most Desirable State to Live in and Most Americans Prefer Small Towns Over Cities

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Floridians and recent transplants may not be surprised to learn that a recent survey declared that the sunshine state is the most desirable state to live in the United States. The survey also found a preference for rural areas.

Details on the Rasmussen Reports Survey: Rasmussen Reports is an American polling company that conducts polling about elections, business topics, and current events.

The company recently set out to determine which state Americans prefer and whether Americans would rather live in urban or rural areas. (Note that the questioning was not open-ended. Rather, it gave respondents several options from which to choose, as outlined below.)

To make these determinations, the company conducted a telephone and online survey that asked respondents if they would rather live in an area that was "urban, suburban, small town or rural" and whether they would prefer to live in "California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois or some other state?"

The Findings: According to Rasmussen Reports, most respondents preferred rural areas and small towns over cities. In terms of state preference, the results were as follows:

Florida: 18%

California: 11%

New York: 10%

Pennsylvania: 6%

Illinois: 4%

Some state other than the six listed above: 37%

Rasmussen Reports noted that the survey had a 3% margin of error with a 95% confidence rating.

Additional Data Pointing to Florida Being a Popular Place to Live: The Rasmussen Report is one survey. To get more perspective, one could look at more data. Floridians may have their own opinions about living in the sunshine state, but it makes sense to compare data about people from other places that may wish to live in Florida to examine a variety of viewpoints.

Data from April and May of 2022 from real estate website indicated that Tampa and Miami were the top destinations for people looking to relocate.

Additionally, an example of a group of people who may wish to relocate to Florida is retirees. According to Census data, Maine has the highest population of retirees, but Florida comes in second, where over 20% of the population is retired.

Finally, U.S. News and World Report recently ranked Sarasota, Florida as the 9th best place to live in the United States.

The above data may arguably indicate that high numbers of people wish to or are willing to relocate to Florida.

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