Florida Mentioned in List of Most Independent States

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Many Americans place a high value on independence. And some citizens place a high value on self-sufficiency without needing excessive amounts of assistance from others.

The pandemic arguably required some adjustments, as some of us lost our ability to come and go as we pleased, while some had to depend on others to get through the hardships that the pandemic caused. As some states were more affected by the pandemic than others, the level of dependence differed.

Determining Which States Require the Most Assistance and Which are Most Independent: The website WalletHub wanted to know which states were and continue to be the most independent, despite the pandemic. So it compared the 50 states by looking at five common sources of dependence.

What Were the Criteria?: WalletHub looked at the criteria of consumer finances, the government, the job market, international trade, and personal vices. Specifically, it looked at metrics like: median credit score; the share of adults with rainy day funds; the share of families saving for college and retirement; the share of adults living with their parents; federal government dependence; subsidized housing; share of households receiving public assistance; job growth rate; unemployment rate; and vice dependency.

How Did Florida Fare?: Florida fared well, coming in at number 6 out of 50 states. Florida ranked 13th out of 50th in federal government dependency, 9th in international trade dependency, and 9th in vice dependency. Florida scored less well in financial independency, coming in at 29th. Florida was also mentioned as having one of the lowest employer-based retirement access, coming in at 50th.

Which States Ranked Well and Which Did Not?: Kansas, Utah, Washington, and Colorado did well. Kansas ranked number 1 in government dependency, although Utah ranked first overall. Washington came in 2nd in financial dependency, but Colorado came in 2nd overall.

West Virginia, Alaska, Louisiana, and Mississippi ranked poorly. Alaska and West Virginia ranked last for government dependency, while Louisiana and Mississippi ranked last for financial dependency.

Here is the remainder of the list of states that WalletHub ranked as the most independent in the United States. The states listed first are the most independent, while the states listed last are the least.

1 Utah

2 Colorado

3 Massachusetts

4 Virginia

5 Nebraska

6 Florida

7 Idaho

8 Wisconsin

9 Washington

10 Delaware

11 New Hampshire

12 Hawaii

13 New Jersey

14 California

15 Montana

16 South Dakota

17 Kansas

18 Minnesota

19 Iowa

20 Rhode Island

21 Maryland

22 New York

23 North Dakota

24 North Carolina

25 Oklahoma

26 Connecticut

27 Georgia

28 Maine

29 Vermont

30 Pennsylvania

31 Arizona

32 Oregon

33 Missouri

34 Wyoming

35 Nevada

36 Illinois

37 Arkansas

38 Texas

39 Ohio

40 Michigan

41 New Mexico

42 Indiana

43 Tennessee

44 Alabama

45 West Virginia

46 South Carolina

47 Alaska

48 Mississippi

49 Louisiana

50 Kentucky

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