Florida Cities Mentioned in List of Best-Run Cities in the United States

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The last couple of years have required city leaders across the country to demonstrate efficiency in dealing with challenging issues like the pandemic, troubling housing markets, and inflation, to name just a few issues.

Different leaders have handled these and other events in different ways, often arguably juggling complex issues like a city's limited resources, the needs of its residents, and the long-term striving for the greater good.

Determining Which Cities Are Most Effectively Run: Which city leaders have been most effective is arguably a subjective judgment call. However, the website WalletHub attempted to determine which American cities are the "best run," by looking at 180 cities and multiple metrics to determine operating efficiency.

What Were the Criteria?: The site used data from federal and private agencies like the U.S. Census Bureau, GreatSchools.org, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Using this data, WalletHub compared 150 of the most populated cities in the United States using the categories of 1) Financial Stability, 2) Education, 3) Health, 4) Safety, 5) Economy, and 6) Infrastructure & Pollution. Each state was then given a "quality of city services" score that was divided by that city's budget per capita.

How Did Florida Fare?: Florida had a fair showing, with 6 Florida cities making the top 100. They were:

St Petersburg at number 41

Hialeah at number 53

Miami at number 75

Jacksonville at number 78

Tallahassee at number 80

Tampa at 84

Tallahassee was mentioned as having the second-highest high school graduation rate in the country.

Which States Fared Best?: Although this was a survey of cities, it is interesting to look at which states did well. Idaho had two cities in the top five, and Nampa, Idaho had the lowest debt per capita. Virginia and Montana also had two cities in the top 20.

Here is WalletHub's list of what it considered the top 100 best-run cities in the United States.

1 Nampa, ID

2 Boise, ID

3 Fort Wayne, IN

4 Nashua, NH

5 Lexington-Fayette, KY

6 Lincoln, NE

7 Las Cruces, NM

8 Oklahoma City, OK

9 Missoula, MT

10 Durham, NC

11 Virginia Beach, VA

12 Rapid City, SD

13 Raleigh, NC

14 Billings, MT

15 Provo, UT

16 Chesapeake, VA

17 Sioux Falls, SD

18 Salem, OR

19 Manchester,

20 Mesa, AZ

21 Huntington Beach,

22 Charleston, SC

23 Albuquerque, NM

24 Madison, WI

25 Arlington, TX

26 Columbus, GA

27 Greensboro, NC

28 Cedar Rapids, IA

29 Huntington, WV

30 Bismarck, ND

31 Louisville, KY

32 Aurora, IL

33 Tucson, AZ

34 Phoenix, AZ

35 Warren, MI

36 Lewiston, ME

37 Tulsa, OK

38 El Paso, TX

39 Warwick, RI

40 Grand Rapids, MI

41 St. Petersburg, FL

42 Corpus Christi, TX

43 Worcester, MA

44 Portland, ME

45 Colorado Springs, CO

46 Las Vegas, NV

47 Reno, NV

48 Mobile, AL

49 Fort Worth, TX

50 Wichita, KS

51 Eugene, OR

52 Aurora, CO

53 Hialeah, FL

54 Topeka, KS

55 Des Moines, IA

56 Spokane, WA

57 Fort Smith, AR

58 Baton Rouge, LA

59 San Diego, CA

60 Fairbanks, AK

61 Fargo, ND

62 Santa Ana, CA

63 Little Rock, AR

64 Indianapolis, IN

65 Jackson, MS

66 Rutland, VT

67 Portland, OR

68 Omaha, NE

69 Frederick, MD

70 Casper, WY

71 Garland, TX

72 Montgomery, AL

73 Boston, MA

74 Gary, IN

75 Miami, FL

76 Fremont, CA

77 Dover, DE

78 Jacksonville, FL

79 Columbia, SC

80 Tallahassee, FL

81 Akron, OH

82 Houston, TX

83 Springfield, MA

84 Tampa, FL

85 Austin, TX

86 San Antonio, TX

87 Dayton, OH

88 New Orleans, LA

89 Salt Lake City, UT

90 Anchorage, AK

91 Bakersfield, CA

92 Columbus, OH

93 Charleston, WV

94 San Jose, CA

95 St. Paul, MN

96 Providence, RI

97 Norfolk, VA

98 Richmond, VA

99 Burlington, VT

100 Bridgeport, CT

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