Florida Mentioned on List of States that Are Least Patriotic

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According to YourDictionary.com, patriotism is defined as a sense of pride, admiration, or love for one's country. Patriotic acts are those meant to support one's country and community. Examples are serving in or supporting the military, displaying your country's flag, exercising your right to vote, volunteering to make your country or community a better place, and respecting those who have sacrificed for one's country, to list just a few examples.

Determining Which Places in the United States are Most Patriotic: There is arguably evidence that the United States is a patriotic nation overall. According to the McCourtney Institute for Democracy's Mood of the Nation Poll, American citizens from all political affiliations appear to be united on what it means to be patriotic.

Still, the website WalletHub wanted to determine if there were differences in levels of patriotism in different states since there are arguably differences in ideologies and governing throughout the United States. So it compared all of the states, using 13 key indicators of patriotism.

What Were the Criteria?: WalletHub looked at two main criteria: military engagement and civic engagement. Specifically, the site looked at metrics like the average number of military enlistees in the state, the number of active duty and reserve personnel, the share of adults who vote, the share of adults who volunteer, the number of adults who serve on juries, and the number of volunteer hours per resident.

How Did Florida Fare?: Florida didn't fare well. The sunshine state was ranked 47th out of 50. Although Florida ranked 19th in the nation for military engagement, it ranked 49th for civic engagement. Although Florida does encourage its high students to volunteer by making volunteer hours a partial requirement of the state's Bright Futures Scholarship program, Florida was still mentioned as having one of the lowest volunteer rates in the country, coming in at 48th out of the 50th.

Here is WalletHub's entire list of the most patriotic states in the United States. The first states listed ranked the highest.

1 Alaska

2 Montana

3 Virginia

4 North Dakota

5 Oregon

6 Maryland

7 Hawaii

8 Vermont

9 New Hampshire

10 Iowa

11 Washington

12 South Dakota

13 Colorado

14 Delaware

15 Maine

16 Utah

17 North Carolina

18 Wyoming

19 Idaho

20 New Mexico

21 Arizona

22 Oklahoma

23 Kansas

24 Georgia

25 Missouri

26 South Carolina

27 Minnesota

28 Mississippi

29 Ohio

30 Nebraska

31 Texas

32 Illinois

33 Nevada

34 Wisconsin

35 Kentucky

36 California

37 Michigan

38 New Jersey

39 Tennessee

40 West Virginia

41 Louisiana

42 Pennsylvania

43 Alabama

44 Indiana

45 Connecticut

46 Massachusetts

47 Florida

48 Rhode Island

49 New York

50 Arkansas

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