One Florida City Makes the List for the 15 Best Pizza Cities in the United States

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Many Americans love pizza. A survey conducted by The Harris Poll asked Americans what food they'd eat for the rest of their lives if they could choose only one food. The most popular response? Pizza. The second most popular response was steak.

Americans eat 3 billion pizzas per year, costing about 38 billion dollars. Americans also have a definite preference when it comes to toppings. By far, the most popular topping in America is pepperoni.

But which cities in America are the best cities to get your pie fix? The website Anytime Estimate wanted to answer this question. So it gathered data from sources like Google Trends, Thrillist, and Pizza Today to rank the 50 largest US metropolitan areas on how good each was for pizza lovers.

The site also considered factors, like:

  1. the "pizza passion" of a city;
  2. the number of pizza restaurants per square mile;
  3. the price of a slice of cheese and pepperoni pizza;
  4. search interest in different styles of pizza;
  5. and the number of pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents.

Each of the top 15 cities was notable in some way. For example, Tampa, Florida was noted for its number of independent pizza restaurants. Although Tampa didn't crack the top 10 overall, it did make the top 15.

Here are the 15 top-ranked cities for pizza from lowest to highest:

  1. Detroit, Michigan was ranked the top in "pizza passion."
  2. Cleveland, Ohio, was the top-ranking city for interest in veggie pizza.
  3. Columbus, Ohio, was noted for offering Ohio Valley-style pizza.
  4. Boston, Massachusetts, has 14 pizzerias per 100,000 residents.
  5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers cheap slices of pepperoni pizza.
  6. Indianapolis, Indiana, ranks first in interest in taco pizza.
  7. Providence, Rhode Island, ranks number one for search interest in Neapolitan pizza.
  8. St. Louis, Missouri, offered the cheapest cheese pizza.
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ranks number 2 nationally in search interest for tomato pie — behind only Buffalo.
  10. Norfolk, Virginia, ranks number 1 in search interest for both meat pizza and New York-style pizza.
  11. Baltimore, Maryland, ranks number 1 in search interest for pizza bagels and pizza Margherita.
  12. Tampa, Florida, has a pizza restaurant every 1.75 miles and 4.3 independent pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents.
  13. Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the westernmost city to rank in the top 15.
  14. Chicago, Illinois, ranked number 2 nationally in the "pizza passion" metric.
  15. Nashville, Tennessee, had the second-most search interest in Sicilian pizza.

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