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Mama Duck and Ducklings Waddle into a Labor and Delivery Medical Center in Jacksonville Beach

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A very smart mama duck knew exactly where to go when it was time to deliver her ducklings. According to a Facebook post by Beaches OB / GYN, the mama duck delivered her babies in the labor and delivery atrium of Baptist Medical Center Beaches.

As you can see from the video below, when it was time for the family of 11 ducks to venture out into the world, medical center staff gently and patiently guided the family's path outside the facility using poster board.

The family was very orderly in their exit, although you can hear some quacking at times. This exit almost looked like the ducks were marching in their own parade. The fluffy ducklings obediently followed their mother in a relatively straight line. Once outside, the family appropriately paraded in front of a maternity sign.

As you might imagine, the comments section in this Facebook post was filled with puns and jokes. The Medical Center congratulated the mama and said they'd see her in six weeks for her follow-up care. They also noted that this mama had "all her ducks in a row" when she chose the best place to bring her babies into the world.

Mallard ducklings located in the eastern United States typically hatch in March when the weather turns warm, so this family has great timing. According to American Expedition, mallard ducklings are precocial, which means they know how swim and feed right after they are hatched. Perhaps the family is headed toward water.

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