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The City of Tampa is Asking For Help in Naming its New Mini Street Sweeper

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There are plenty of places in downtown Tampa that a regular-sized street sweeper can't reach. That's why the City is employing mini street sweepers to clean smaller areas like bike lanes and street parking.

But there's only one problem. The City hasn't come up with a name, and it's asked the public for help.

Details about the Naming Contest:

Mayor Jane Castor will choose the winner, and this lucky person will receive a #VisionZero swag bag, a chance to ride the new mini-street sweeper, and bragging rights.

I must admit, the mini street sweeper is cute. If you've ever been to the Tampa Bay Lightning games, it looks a little like the mini Zamboni. Some people suggested that the city put googly eyes on the sweeper because of its playful appearance.

There's no word on what criteria will be used to determine a winner, but there have been many humorous and sports-themed suggestions.

Popular Suggestions:

I browsed some of the naming suggestions on the City's social media. Not surprisingly, many people on Facebook suggested puns like "Sweeping Beauty," "Meryl Sweep," "Sweep Child of Mine," "Dusty Roads," and "Jeepers Sweeper."

Another popular theme was sports. Under the sports umbrella, a popular suggestion was "the Tampboni." Other Facebook suggestions were "the SS Champa Bay," "the Tampa Parrot," "Four Games in a Clean Sweep," and "Buccaneer Broom."

Of course, no naming contest would be complete without someone mentioning "Sweepie McSweepface," which was a popular suggestion.

This suggestion is a play on the name "Boaty McBoatface," which was one of the most popular suggestions in 2016 when the Natural Environment Research Council held a naming contest for its research ship.

“Boaty McBoatface” gained traction in the contest, but ultimately the Council chose "Sir David Attenborough," which came in fourth in the naming contest. Still, the Council did eventually name another submersible "Boaty McBoatface."

We'll just have to wait and see what the City of Tampa and Jane Castor decide. Suggestions can be made on the City of Tampa’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages in the comments section.

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