Couple Married for 72 Years Talk About Why Their Marriage Works

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93-year-old Faye and 95-year-old Kenneth Babin have recently gotten attention for a very sweet reason - their love. After their granddaughter posted videos of them on Tiktok, the internet became interested in their love story.

They've generously opened up about what brought them together and has kept them together. Here are some insights they shared that perhaps we could all use:

Don't Underestimate Attraction and Romance:

In an interview on Good Morning America, Faye asked Kenneth what attracted him to her. His response? "You, baby."

For her part, Faye admitted that Kenneth was "so handsome" and that he "sang and played the guitar." Faye called this combination very romantic.

My grandmother used to say that "looks fade," but "true love lasts." However, there's no denying that attraction can light the flame in a couple. But it takes work, commitment, and communication to keep that flame going. And it appears that the Babins have these things, too.

Ask For What You Need:

So many of us assume that our spouses should know what we are thinking or what we want. But sometimes, to get what you want or need in your marriage, you must ask for it.

Faye freely admits that when she gets "low," she will simply tell Kenneth she needs a hug or a kiss, and he obliges.

Communicate Through Difficult Issues:

Many of us talked to our partners for hours when we first met. But years later, when troublesome issues come up, people stop talking. Or they communicate through silence or raised voices. The Babins prioritized communication.

Faye says that when marital issues came up, the couple "always talked it out."

Recent research indicates that communication difficulties are the number one reason couples divorce in the United States, but the Babins probably never needed scientists to tell them to talk.

Stick Together No Matter What:

Both Faye and Kenneth agree that even during the toughest times, neither ever thought about ending things. They never brought up divorce. In fact, they say it was the opposite. They were always clear that they would stick together through thick and thin.

It's easy to mutter ugly words when you are hurt and frustrated. But often, you can't take back those harmful words.

As of 2021, the average longevity of marriage in the United States was 8.2 years, so it would appear that the Babins are on to something by taking divorce off the table.

Laugh and Play:

Difficulties and struggles in life are inevitable. We all face trying times. But Faye and Kenneth tried to counter the tough times with laughter and play.

Faye says that the couple plays poker and dominoes, and "love to laugh."

Prioritizing play gives you something to look forward to every day. This doesn't need to be expensive. A pack of cards costs a few bucks. Laughter is free. And who better to have fun with than your partner?

Prioritize Physical Affection:

If you watch Faye and Kenneth together, you'll notice that they are always touching, hugging, or holding hands.

Here is a YouTube video of their interview so you can see them interact:

It's difficult to feel anything but intimacy with someone if you are touching or looking them in the eye.

These insights seem incredibly simple. Yet, many of us get busy and let the little things slip away. The little things have clearly worked for Kenneth and Faye Babin. They've worked for 72 years, and they are still reaching out to one another and laughing together.

The joy on their faces as they look at one another warms my heart. And I'm happy they've enjoyed so many years together.

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