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Tom Brady was Unaware that Philadelphia Eagles Fans are "Fixated" on His Refusals to Shake Nick Foles' Hand

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Tom Brady tries to be a "good sport"All Pro Reels, Wikimedia Commons

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Philadelphia Eagles in round one of the NFL playoffs this Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

It's probably fair to say that Eagles fan will be watching for displays of sportsmanship, considering their history with Brady.

How it Started: Brady Appears to be A Poor Sport after Super Bowl LII:

Brady famously lost to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII when he played for the New England Patriots.

Immediately the game, cameras caught Brady seemingly refusing to shake then-quarterback Nick Foles' hand.

This hand-shaking snub allegedly happened again when Brady, now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, played Foles' Chicago Bears, and Brady's Bucs lost the game.

Nick Foles later downplayed the Super Bowl diss in the media, telling Jimmy Kimmel,

“I will say this: As soon as the game’s over, you can’t move. You can’t even express emotions. There’s so many cameras.

Philly Fans Never Forget:

In preparation for Sunday's game, Brady was asked if he knew that Philly fans had a "fixation" on him not shaking Foles' hand. Brady said that he was not aware, stating,

"No. I'm not. I'm not. I've shaken Nick's hand plenty of times, though. I've got a lot of respect for Nick."

Brady Says He Tries To Be a Good Sport:

After admitting he wasn't aware of the fixation, Brady conceded that he could see how people could have gotten the impression that he was not a good sport, stating:

"I try to be a good sport as best as I can. I know it doesn't always look like that because sometimes I get a little [expletive] out there, but for the most part, I try to be a good sport."

Brady Expresses Respect for the Philadelphia Eagles:

Perhaps it will make Eagles fans feel better to read that Brady knows he has to bring his best to beat the Eagles' defense on Sunday, saying.

"They make you earn everything. You make a mistake, you get a penalty -- you're going to punt. The ball gets batted in the air, they're going to intercept it. You hold on to the ball too long, they're going to strip-sack it. It's a team that just doesn't let you off the hook."

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