As Antonio Brown Accuses Tom Brady of Conditional "Friendship," Brady Shares Million Dollar Friendship With Gronk

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Gronk and Brady Have an Undeniable Bond on and Off the FieldAll Pro Reels, Wikimedia Commons

By now, we've all seen countless videos, tweets, and memes about Antonio Brown's dramatic walk-off after the Bucs versus Jets game.

Many of us have also seen the sad back and forth between Antonio Brown and Tom Brady.

Brown Questioned Tom Brady's Friendship as Brady Urged Compassion for Brown:

Many people would argue that Tom Brady has been a good friend to Antonio Brown.

He convinced his coach to give Brown a chance despite his issues. He allowed Brown to live with him while he got his bearings.

And when Bucs' head coach Bruce Arians declared that Brown was "no longer a Buc" after the Jets debacle, Tom Brady urged compassion and empathy for Brown.

And, as a way of showing his thanks during the Full Send Podcast Antonio Brown scoffed at his friendship with Tom Brady, saying,

"Tom Brady is my friend, why? Because I'm a good football player."

He shared a similar sentiment when speaking to Tapped in Daily on Clubhouse, saying,

"I mean, you can't really expect anyone to be your friend in the business of football. The game is football but our business is winning."

Tom and Gronk ARE Friends in the Business of Football:

The actions of Tom Brady during the Carolina game on Sunday seem to indicate that Brady is perfectly cable of exhibiting friendship within the confines of football AND winning.

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have played together for years.

Tom Brady is arguably one reason that Rob Grokowski came out of retirement (and overcame injury) to play with the Buccaneers. (Proximity to Gronk's mother was the main reason.)

So when Gronk needed one reception to receive his full contractural bonus of $1 million dollars, Tom Brady refused to exit the game until his friend got his due.

In the video below, you can see Brady shake his head "no" and refuse to exit the game until he gets Gronk the reception that he needed.

Once that was completed, Brady exited the game.

The Bucs won the game 41-17.

Brady Calls Gronk the Best Tight End to Ever Play:

During the Let's Go Podcast with Jim Gray, Brady had high praise for Gronk, saying,

“The guy’s an incredible player and he’s a great teammate. And I think what he does day-in and day-out to prepare himself is what blows me away. I think he’s the greatest tight end in NFL history. What he does in the run game, in the pass game, the kind of teammate he is — he’s amazing."

Brady and Gronk Have a Silly Rapport off the Field:

The Buccaneers had a reoccurring video series called "Tommy and Gronky."

One popular episode features Gronk and Brady taking a "friendship test" about how well they know one another.

You can see in the YouTube clip below that Gronk refers to Tom as his "best friend," and Tom refers to Gronk as "a great dancer."

Gronk also knew that Brady's favorite Super Bowl ring was "the next one."

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