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Tom Brady Aspires to the Type of Bravery Exhibited by Reporter Who Asked Bill Belichick About his New Years Resolution

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Bill Belichick Says His New Years Resolutions are PersonalWikimedia Commons

New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick is a legendary NFL coach. He's won six Super Bowls and the most playoff games of any other NFL coach.

He's also known for being very unemotional. His focus appears to be on football and little else.

That may be why he's notoriously annoyed at having to answer reporter's questions after games - particularly after losses.

He's refused to answer reporter questions. He's even walked out.

Here's a YouTube video that showcases the abrupt, sarcastic, and creative ways Belichick shuts down questions after losses.

New Years Resolution Question Goes Viral:

A recent Belichick shutdown stood out among the others. On December 26th after a disappointing divisional loss to the Buffalo Bills, a brave reporter took her turn at the microphone.

Sun Chronicle correspondent Juliet Pennington, admitted that her question wasn't related to football.

She was writing a story about New Years Resolutions, and she wanted to know if Belichick had any.

You could have heard a pin drop before his response. Most reporters know that you don't ask Belichick questions that don't directly relate to the game in the question.

Belichick's response wasn't particularly rude. But his delivery was so monotoned, and the reporter's question was so unique that videos of this exchange soon went viral.

Here's the video.

The Bravery of a Follow Up:

The reporter's bravery doesn't end there. She actually followed up yesterday, asking Belichick if he'd had time to reflect on her question and whether he had an answer.

Again he shut her down, but he wasn't rude. He said of his resolutions,

“They would all be personal. It probably wouldn’t mean anything to you anyways. Thank you.

Here's that YouTube video.

Tom Brady's Admiration for the Reporter's Bravery:

Of course, the media asked Belichick's former quarterback Tom Brady what he thought about the exchange.

Brady knows Belichick extremely well. They worked together for twenty years when Brady played for the Patriots.

Although it's been speculated that the two had a falling out when Brady left New England to play in Tampa, the two have been complimentary, but vague, about their current relationship.

After the Buccaneers beat the Patriots in October, Brady said,

"I got a lot of respect for him as a coach and obviously a lot of respect for this organization and all the different people here that try to make it successful."

That's why the media was so interested in Brady's reaction to the viral exchange with the reporter.

On the latest episode of the Let’s Go podcast with Jim Gray, Brady expressed admiration for the reporter, saying,

“I want to be as brave and courageous as she was, asking that question to Coach Belichick after a loss. That’s what I want for the New Year.

What do you think? Was the reporter brave? Was she naive? Or was she trying to go viral?

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