3 Secrets Cats Don't Want You to Know

L.A. Strucke

They have you wrapped around their paw

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Cats are beautiful creatures. But there is a lot we don’t know about them. We think they live for naps, food and water, and an occasional playtime session with us. Yet, they have their secrets.

Secret #1 

He's mastered the art of manipulating you.

The cat knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s studied you like a fly under a microscope. He knows what makes you tick. Actually, he knows exactly what to do to get you to do his bidding. He has you wrapped around his paw.

Do you ever wonder why you prioritize the cat over your own self? That’s no coincidence. He’s designed it that way. He knows exactly how many cuddles and purrs to give you to get you to do exactly what he wants. He has you trained to have the cat food in his dish before you feed yourself. He’s also trained you to know that if you don’t scoop his litter box every single day, there will be some terrible surprises. 

He knows exactly how to meow to melt your heart. You’re busy, in the middle of working, playing a video game, or watching a movie. Suddenly you hear it. The most pitiful meow you’ve ever heard in your life. You ask him what’s wrong, but he won’t stop. Soon, you can’t stand it, you must stop him from meowing. He can have anything he wants. You go and fetch him his favorite treats. You pet him. You play with him with the toy mouse on a stick for an hour. The meowing magically stops. He gets exactly what he wanted because he planned it that way.

Do you think the cat waits all day until you come home? A lot of humans foolishly believe this. Yes, he may nap out of boredom, but don’t believe that’s all he does.

He’s busy investigating the entire house while you’re gone. He’s patrolling for mice, digging in your plants and jumping up on the counter, and knocking things over for fun. There’s nothing that makes him purr louder than hearing a jar crashing down on the floor. 

Wonder where your other earring is? He’s got it hidden in a secret hiding place. That’s where he hides all your missing stuff. He knocked it off your end table. Then he batted it around until he got bored. Then he hid in the hiding place. You may never find it. 

Secret #2

He doesn’t really need you.

The cat pretends to need you. He’ll meow in that cute little voice. He’ll rub and ankles and purr. He’ll curl up and take a nap on your lap, just when you have to leave the house. 

Then when you wake him up, he’ll walk away and turn around and give you that hurt look. You know, that look that makes you think he loves you. But the truth is, if you went away, he would survive. He could easily manipulate the cat lady next door. 

If you weren’t around, he could easily catch birds, mice and coerce other humans to feed him. 

The sad truth is, you need this furry fellow a lot more than he needs you. You look forward to seeing him roll around the carpet when you come home from work. You like the way he keeps you company when you're all alone. And you appreciate when he growls at people you don't like. 

And you enjoy believing the myth that he needs you.

Secret #3

He’s a lot smarter than you think he is.

The cat spends a lot of his time studying you to figure out how you do things. He watches you open doors and practices doing it when you’re not around. He’s even figured out how to open the cabinet and get into the treats. 

He watches your TV shows and finds the antics of humans to be rather fascinating. He especially likes it when there are animals in the shows.

He knows if he rubs your ankles he can get you to share your steak with him.

He understands the human language very well and knows exactly what you’re saying when you ask him to come into the room and jump on your lap.

You think he didn’t come over to you this morning because he didn’t understand what you said?

Haha. Think again. He’s smart enough to know, he will not be ordered around by you.

It’s always been the other way around. 

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